March 01, 2015

Awesome in Virginia

Greetings, All Classical Portland. I thought WE had a wonderful classical station, but you guys are AWESOME!! I’m enjoying the music here at home in the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia. Also, I stream you at the office. One of my favorite cousins lives in the Woodstock neighborhood near Reed College in Portland. I LOVE visiting, especially the Sat. Market. Keep up the great music. You have a fan in Virginia! Cheers, –Nancy in Virginia.

Played in Oregon Fan!

I am a huge fan of All Classical radio and have been a listener for over 20 years. I love all of your programs but want to give you particular feedback on yesterday’s Played in Oregon, a program that I enjoy whenever I can on Sundays.   I was listening to the beginning of the program while driving to the grocery store. It was so interesting, and the music was so beautiful, that when I got to the store I plugged in my phone and streamed the rest of the program while shopping. I was transported by the gorgeous singing, interesting arrangements, but especially by the amazing stories of PSU’s charming and humble choral director. I practically had tears in my eyes when he told the story of winning the competition and the reaction of competing choral groups from other countries.   I have recommended that my family listen to this program and I am keen to hear any other music from this local Oregon group. Thanks for making my rainy Sunday afternoon much brighter. Long time listener and member. — Karen

Fantastic Daily Fare

I live in Lincoln, NE, but listen to your station daily since Bill Siever of KUCV died a few weeks ago. Bill played the same type of music as do you, but the new guy is oblique and gloomy.  Thank goodness for computers and streaming.  Your daily fare is fantastic. I listen every day while painting.  Thanks. –Richard in Lincoln, NE

Really Like iPhone Mobile App

It is sure great to get your mobile app for my iPhone. I love this music and the closet station is 100 miles away. This way I can take it with me when I am on the road. It plays on my Bluetooth in the car. I am telling others about it in our small town. –Paul

Liked in Ireland Too!

Hallo All Classical Radio. Listening to you on the net. Like your station, like your music. Just heard you say it’s 80 degrees in Portland, Oregon, and no chance of rain. WOW. Here in Limerick, Ireland, it’s about 59 Fahrenheit 16 Celsius, overcast and it rained yesterday. Anyway never mind the weather. I like your music and enjoy your show. –Patrick and Bernadette

Just Discovered All Classical Portland

Discovered your station on a recent trip to Hood River. I’ve listened to many classical stations throughout the world. Yours is perhaps the best! Rushed home and started streaming it online right away. Although our local station KPBX is good, it doesn’t come close to your hosts and programming (please don’t tell them). I’ll remain a listener as long as you’re on the air.  Thanks. –Eric in Colbert, WA

Enjoying the Horn Pieces

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the horn pieces you have been playing. They are just beautiful. Keep up the good work; the more I listen the more I love it all. –Marcella

All Classical morning, noon and night

I have pneumonia right now so am confined to my room, listening to All Classical morning, noon and night. I am a Sister of the Holy Names and we had a custom when a Sister was moving to a new mission or taking a journey, that we would all go to the car and sing Ave Maris Stella to her as she was driving off. When you just played the Ave Maris Stella, I was flooded with fond memories. Many thanks,
–Frances, SNJM

All Classical is all I listen to

I enjoy your program from 1-6 immensely. I do believe, out of the whole bunch you’re at the top of my list. You just seem to always play the music I enjoy the most. Believe it or not, the pledge drives are most enjoyable. You and Ed Goldberg make a great team and the music you play during the pledge drive is exceptional. All Classical is all I listen to. Don’t change a thing. –Bill in Woodburn, Oregon



Just What I Needed

Around 7:20 p.m. Sunday, a couple Bach aural yummies in a row. It is just what I needed tonight. Now for a garden walk in a much improved state of mind and heart. Blessings, as ever, –Judith in Portland