October 27, 2016

Listening to Live Performances

Dear Robert,

My compliments to you and the crew (as regards Thursdays @ Three). Your miking and acoustics are excellent. Such a joy to listen. (Maybe I should mention that I wear dual hearing aids, so unfortunately, live performances are not what they once were for me.)

Recently I purchased a medium good “studio” headset to wear at work (to block out extraneous noise around my cubicle). I can hear most of the register w/o hearing aids (being careful with the volume, of course.) I can really hear a wonderful difference with your live performance. The ambiance is also there, in a way that digital recordings cannot capture.

Anyway, grateful kudos to all.


A Young Listener Weighs In

My daughter, Katie, has asked me, if we could email you and with strict direction, not to edit her writing! As she really wants you to know, that she wrote this. Not mommy!

Dear Mr. Stone,

My mommy and papa an me, we loves to listen to your radio shows, every weekend! My parents play music and papa, is goes on tours, once in awhile and plays his trumpet music, for peoples, who really like his shows. His papa, my Grampa Didier, would play trumpets with… What’s his name? Oh yeah, Louis Armstrong! Mommy and papa miss Paris – where papa has growns up. He says they could play their music, withouts hassles there… Do you know what he means? I don’t. I hope you has a good week, Mr. Stone, I can’t wait for your next show! My mommy says you are in Seattle next weekend. I am staying with my other my Gramma and Grampa, buts hopefully you’ll see my mommy!

Love, your friend Katie

We are, indeed, very blessed to have such a beautiful little girl, she is quite an angel. She listened, with such intense focus, to both shows, over the weekend! When the Saturday broadcast was finished, she had so many questions, that my head started spinning! I am told, that she is exactly like I was, at three – sometimes too inquisitive! I’m sure she would make quite the journalist!

Warm regards,

Loyal Listener from Oklahoma


This loyal listener in Oklahoma found you when visiting your fair and beautiful city last October. Found your station simply by channel surfing. So to speak. Love your whole staff of excellent on-air hosts. You folks deserve many riches for your fine contributions to offering legendary Classical music for us listeners.
Keep up the great work!

Yours in cherished music,

Appreciation of Fundraising Season

Jack, I discovered my fondness for classical music as I discovered All Classical on my radio dial about 3 years ago. My love for this music and for all the hosts (especially Christa and Robert) on All Classical just seems to grow and grow. A couple of years ago I just had to become a sustaining donor because of my love and appreciation for you all and my love for the music.

I also want to pass along to you that I am finding that I love the times of the year when you all conduct your fundraisers (which surprised me). The reasons I even love these times is that I love the dialogue between the staff as they conduct these fundraisers along with the music and I love to hear the comments shared on the air from the donors. These fundraising seasons are rich for these reasons. I just had to share this because sometimes I think you folks think that these are “downers” or are “less than” the other times when there is a full schedule of music…at least that is some of the comments that the hosts made occasionally. But you do not have apologize at all for these fundraisers – they are very rich in their own right and you all do such a magnificent job during these times too. In fact I have never before heard such a wonderful ability to fundraise and make it so enjoyable and rich. Plus we all, I think, understand and know why these are necessary and support you in them just to keep All Classical on the air in great shape. But I am even finding that I look forward to the fundraisers for the reasons cited.

I just wanted to pass my comments along to you. Keep up the great work!


Classy All Classical

I’m a long-time sustaining donor who really appreciated your live streaming service while traveling in Europe last year. Now I’ve returned – but have moved from Portland to Olympia, WA where I now REALLY appreciate the streaming through my smart TV!!!! I’ve listened a little to the more local classical station – and though the music is classical, I have to tell you that the All-Classical Portland on-air staff is by far ‘classier’!!! Especially during fund-raising – your casual, informative, conversational style is actually fun to listen to!

So, I will continue as a sustaining member and continue enjoying great music, brought to me by the amazing people at All-Classical!


Touring the Station

Dear Andrea,

What a wonderful surprise to have such a lovely tour of the station today. You made us feel very comfortable, and we were thrilled to say hello to the people behind the voices.

We had dropped in to make a small donation and the visit was an absolutely wonderful experience for Jimmy, and for me as well.

Thanks again,


Morning Peace

For three days now, I am feeling at peace, comforted, inspired, lifted, satisfied and touched by the positive vibrations of your programming which help heal big and little wars. I am hearing a better balance of slow emotional, heat and power. Gershwin was lovely to hear this morning. Right now Glazunov is beautiful!!

The Score as a Mediator

Hello Mr. Stone,

I wanted you do know my 14 year-old daughter and her friends talk about you and your music selections as if you are friends.

You have given us a peaceful, beautiful option without argument in the car on drives. I dislike most of her music, she thinks mine is terrible. My husband started to defer to your station. You are the host when the teens are in the car. Thank you for being on the air when we need you.


Hello from Upstate New York!

Good morning Christa,

I just had to send a note — I found All Classical Portland via my TuneIn Radio app on my Amazon Fire TV and am now hooked. Hooked especially on your morning program which doesn’t happen to be quite so early for me here in the Eastern time zone in lovely Upstate NY.

I wanted to let you know that I listen every day and just love your professional, courteous, enthusiastic, and intelligent conversation. I’ve been a classical radio listener my entire life and you’re my favorite broadcaster. You are a true asset to All Classical Portland — keep up the amazing work!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Many kind regards,

Healing During Hard Times

Dear Christa, I enjoy your soothing, warm, kind voice every morning before and often during my commute downtown. It starts my day off marvelously. I start every morning relaxed, encouraged, at peace and full of joy. People often ask me why I am seemingly always smiling and so at peace. I tell them that perhaps it is because I am listening to classical Portland. 😉 Hahaha.
But seriously, the music has been such a comfort to me; the hosts so professional and delightful. When I moved out here almost 4 years ago, I was afraid I would not find a radio station as good as WFMT Chicago; was I wrong! I enjoy KQAC even more! I’ve so much appreciated recently the broadcast of Pearlfisher’s from the Met as well.
I’m so impressed with the knowledge, anecdotes, side comments, and personality that shines through with each host. I also appreciate the variety of programming.
I cannot express enough how pleased I am with KQAC/ All Classical Portland. It has seen me through some very difficult times, a tough Christmas and other holidays. While I enjoy other music genres and styles as well, especially after the passing of both my parents, it has been so lovely to enjoy classical music again, while experiencing such amazing healing and peace. Classical music is absolutely healing for the mind, body and soul!
Thank you all who contribute to the continued success of the station and all the programs and benefits it offers community. We are truly blessed here in Portland.
Most sincerely,