March 04, 2015

“Can you put that classical station on?”

Hello! My name is Emily, I’m 17 years old and live in Pennsylvania. My uncle is wheelchair bound and while he can’t continue his passion for gardening he can enjoy his passion for music through your station. He is such a big fan! Every morning we set him up by a window looking out at beautiful birds eating from the feeders. Every morning he asks, “Can you put that classical station on?” It is so wonderful to see someone who is so limited light up when a joyous piece comes on. He sometimes sings along. Thank you for providing such joy and energy to a man who was used to being active and now is limited. Although it is tough for us to provide donations to your station right now, we pray that you will continue providing peace and happiness to people of all ages and limitations for many years to come.


Listening and Smiling in Norway

Dear all people at the classic music station. I am sitting here in Norway listening to your program online. It makes me smile all the time. Thanks for making my day a bit nicer. Best regards, –Lasse in Norway.

Listening in Brazil

Hello, my name is Vinicius and I’m from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I would like to congratulate the high level of your radio station! I’m an avid listener! Luckily I can follow you daily here through the internet while working. Again, congratulations! –Vinicius in Brazil

Renewing Membership This Week

Since I moved away from Portland, I actually forgot how much I love the station. Started listening online a few days ago and fell in love with All Classical all over again. Brandi’s morning segment is fabulous. I will be renewing my membership this week. Thank you for the live streaming! –Catherine, Austin TX

Smiling with Christa!

Christa Wessel says the most ordinary information with an extraordinary lilt to her voice. It sounds like she’s smiling when she’s speaking. I think she must really like her job. Then I think, maybe mine isn’t so bad either and I start smiling, too. That’s what your station did for me today. Thanks! –Heather, University of Toledo, Ohio

Stargazing with All Classical

Due to ridiculously demanding health issues, I keep a tight schedule that involves shutting down and heading for bed around 8:30. So what? Well, we recently acquired a new telescope—one of 3 special retirement gifts we had promised ourselves. So I need to re-work my daily routine to stay up later and wallow in the beauty of star shows. Guess what is helping? Well you good folks, of course. I am so enjoying your evening programming. And it is smoothing the way organically to a rather profound shift in an old, entrenched routine. Blessings. –Judith in Portland

Wonderful Way To Begin The Day!

Been listening for about an hour this morning. What a beautiful collection of sound!! Thank you so much, a wonderful way to begin the day! All the best, –Barbara

Dreaming of All Classical

Today my younger grandson told me about dreaming that he was in my house but didn’t know where he was until he heard classical music and said to himself, ah, yes, I am at Grandma’s. Of course, when I am awake All Classical is always playing. –Rosemary in Portland

Listening While Marking Homework Assignments

I’m listening to some wonderful music from your station courtesy of the Tunein app. It’s a cold and windy evening here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, but I’m happily marking a pile of homework assignments as I listen in to a gorgeous piece of work by Benjamin Britten. Please keep it coming.
–Regards, Pete

Listening While Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Listening to Edmund’s Saturday night show on a bright Sunday morning in the little fishing village of Aspra just east of Palermo, Sicily, and realize this is why it pays to contribute to the station on an annual basis. Keep on playing the good tunes, which are so enjoyable with an expresso out on the deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
–Terrell, Portland