October 22, 2016

Dreaming of All Classical

Today my younger grandson told me about dreaming that he was in my house but didn’t know where he was until he heard classical music and said to himself, ah, yes, I am at Grandma’s. Of course, when I am awake All Classical is always playing. –Rosemary in Portland

Listening While Marking Homework Assignments

I’m listening to some wonderful music from your station courtesy of the Tunein app. It’s a cold and windy evening here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, but I’m happily marking a pile of homework assignments as I listen in to a gorgeous piece of work by Benjamin Britten. Please keep it coming.
–Regards, Pete

Listening While Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Listening to Edmund’s Saturday night show on a bright Sunday morning in the little fishing village of Aspra just east of Palermo, Sicily, and realize this is why it pays to contribute to the station on an annual basis. Keep on playing the good tunes, which are so enjoyable with an expresso out on the deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
–Terrell, Portland

Perfect Way To Start The Day!

Waking up in the morning to the sound of Morten Lauridsen’s Sure, On this Shining Night. What could be a more perfect way to start the day!  Thank you, Brandi. –Alana, Lincoln City

Thanks For The Music

Wow, listening to the Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 35 by Korngold, the first movement, I’m again reminded why some believe it was the inspiration for the Star Trek theme.  Thanks for playing this wonderful piece.

Celia Loves Our Programming

I so love your programming. It is never dry or boring. You change up the music in such inventive ways, and you keep my ears open for the unexpected. A perfect example, inserting Tilliboyo by the Kronos Quartet after the Homage March in E flat. Sort of like knowing when to serve a certain wine as a palate cleanser before the next course (I hope that analogy works). Thanks so much! –Celia


Suzanne Loves The Beautiful Music

Always love hearing the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 1 in f minor, first because it is beautiful.  And second because it is used, in the major key, as one of the University of Texas fight songs.  Great, echoing trumpet parts in the marching band version.  Thank you so much for the beautiful background to my day! –Suzanne in Salisbury, NC

Judith Is Loving The Van Cliburn Tributes

No questions, just wanted to say I am loving the Van Cliburn tributes. I was only 8 years old in 1958, but my Mom made sure we missed not a moment that was available of that competition and its significance. It is still an illuminating, glowing moment in my childhood. Best to all. –Judith in Portland

Howard’s Van Cliburn Nostalgia

Just a bit of nostalgia from an All Classical listener. I attended Van Cliburn’s Carnegie Hall concert in 1958 upon his return from Russia and his ticker tape parade up Broadway. The only ticket available was high in the upper balcony but I was thrilled to be a witness to such an exciting event. I have the program and ticket stub to this day.  It’s a treasure. –Howard