June 29, 2016

Author Author is an occasional feature of interviews with authors in Portland, either on tour or local writers.  Ed Goldberg has been conducting these interviews for almost 20 years.  Each interview discusses the author’s current work, thoughts and process for writing.

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July 22, 2015

Jeannette Hubbard

Jeannette Hubbard is a volunteer here at All Classical Portland, and is also a very talented writer. Secrets, Lies and Champagne Highs is a social satire set in the hotbed of Sisters, Oregon. It involves blind ambition, betrayal and people working well above the reach of their intelligence. Outcomes can’t be good.  But, the real… More


Korin I. Dushayl

NOTE: This interview includes frank discussion of sexual practices. Anyone who might be offended by these concepts should not listen. Thank you. Korin I. Dushayl is a Portland writer of science fiction erotica. Her latest book, Spyder’s Trouble, concerns a ship and crew of smugglers, a powerful dominatrix, Lady Cassandra, who owns the crew members, and… More

Book of Aron

June 23, 2015

Jim Shepard

Jim Shepard is an American author and professor of creative writing and film at Williams College. Shepard’s novels and stories often rely on substantial historical research based on real events. His short fiction has appeared in, among other magazines, Harper’s, McSweeney’s, The Paris Review, The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, DoubleTake, the New Yorker, Granta, Zoetrope: All-Story,… More

Philip Glass words wo music

May 29, 2015

Philip Glass

Philip Glass is both influential and controversial, but not as much as he used to be. The world may have caught up with him. I spoke with him by phone, even though he was in Portland, such were the demands on his time. Even after a long day, he was gracious and warm. The title… More

Bone Tree

May 8, 2015

Greg Iles

Greg Iles was born in Germany in 1960, where his father ran the US Embassy Medical Clinic during the height of the Cold War. Iles spent his youth in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983. While attending Ole Miss, Greg lived in the cabin where William Faulkner and his brothers… More

One Kick

April 24, 2015

Chelsea Cain

I have known Portlander Chelsea Cain for a long time, and she is a good friend. She is also a “New York Times Best-selling Author.” (Fanfare, please.) I missed speaking with her when One Kick was published in 2014, so I was happy to have the opportunity to discuss her career and two series here… More

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

Courtney Maum

Courtney Maum is the humor columnist behind the “Celebrity Book Review” series on Electric Literature, a frequent contributor to The Rumpus, and an advice columnist for Tin House, she splits her time between the Massachusetts Berkshires and New York City. She’s also the author of the chapbook “Notes from Mexico” from The Cupboard Press. I… More


March 19, 2015

Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane is best known for his novels Mystic River, Shutter Island, and Gone Baby, Gone. His latest, World Gone By, is about a character struggling with moral ambiguity while serving in the mob hierarchy in Florida in 1943. He describes it as the final piece of a triptych. I have always found his books… More


February 2, 2015

Judith B. Glad

Judith Glad writes romances, with a difference. I think she is incapable of creating cliched stories, and Improbable Solution is a novel like that, nothing one might expect. I spoke with her recently at our All Classical studios.


Shawn Levy

Shawn Levy, once the primary film critic for The Oregonian, is also the author of several books, including biographies of Jerry Lewis, Paul Newman, the Sinatra Rat Pack, and a nice history of swinging London. His latest, and in many ways his best, book is De Niro: A Life.  I spoke with him at our… More