February 11, 2016

Author Author is an occasional feature of interviews with authors in Portland, either on tour or local writers.  Ed Goldberg has been conducting these interviews for almost 20 years.  Each interview discusses the author’s current work, thoughts and process for writing.

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One Kick

April 24, 2015

Chelsea Cain

I have known Portlander Chelsea Cain for a long time, and she is a good friend. She is also a "New York Times Best-selling Author." (Fanfare, please.) I missed speaking with her when One Kick was published in 2014, so I was happy to have the opportunity to discuss her career and two series here at All Classical Portland.

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

Courtney Maum

Courtney Maum is the humor columnist behind the "Celebrity Book Review" series on Electric Literature, a frequent contributor to The Rumpus, and an advice columnist for Tin House, she splits her time between the Massachusetts Berkshires and New York City. She's also the author of the chapbook "Notes from Mexico" from The Cupboard Press. I missed speaking with Courtney Maum when... More


March 19, 2015

Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane is best known for his novels Mystic River, Shutter Island, and Gone Baby, Gone. His latest, World Gone By, is about a character struggling with moral ambiguity while serving in the mob hierarchy in Florida in 1943. He describes it as the final piece of a triptych. I have always found his books to transcend genre as novels of... More


February 2, 2015

Judith B. Glad

Judith Glad writes romances, with a difference. I think she is incapable of creating cliched stories, and Improbable Solution is a novel like that, nothing one might expect. I spoke with her recently at our All Classical studios.


Shawn Levy

Shawn Levy, once the primary film critic for The Oregonian, is also the author of several books, including biographies of Jerry Lewis, Paul Newman, the Sinatra Rat Pack, and a nice history of swinging London. His latest, and in many ways his best, book is De Niro: A Life.  I spoke with him at our studios in Portland.


January 15, 2015

Charles Todd

Charles and Caroline Todd are a mother-and-son writing team who live on the east coast of the United States. Charles and Caroline have a rich storytelling heritage. Both spent many evenings on the porch listening to their fathers and grandfathers reminisce. And a maternal grandmother told marvelous ghost stories. This tradition allows them to write with passion about events before... More


December 31, 2014

Bill Kroger

Bill Kroger is a traveler, having visited 22 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and the Americas. He is an environmentalist and passionate about the health of our world. He earned degrees in journalism and economics and has been a news reporter-editor, military officer, entrepreneur and a casino pit boss. In his off... More

Going Somewhere

December 30, 2014

Brian Benson

Brian Benson met Rachel in a scenario out of a Bacall/Bogart film.  He has written a memoir about a bicycle trip he took with her from his native Wisconsin to her home town here in Portland.  It may not have begun as a journey of self-discovery, but you know how these things can work out.  Brian spoke with me in... More


December 23, 2014

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson  is the author of the best-selling Longmire series of novels, the basis for a terrific show on the A&E Network.  I have spoken to him a couple of times over the years, and he is a warm and amiable subject. His latest work is a book of short stories featuring the Longmire regulars.


Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame was in the news in 2003 when she was outed as a CIA officer by a Washington Post columnist.  A major flap ensued.  This ended her career in the Company, but opened a door for her to begin writing spy novels (in collaboration with Sarah Lovett).  The first, Blowback, was published in 2013.  I spoke with her while... More