August 04, 2015

Author Author is an occasional feature of interviews with authors in Portland, either on tour or local writers.  Ed Goldberg has been conducting these interviews for almost 20 years.  Each interview discusses the author’s current work, thoughts and process for writing.

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Tip of a Bone

January 17, 2014

Christine Finlayson

Christine Finlayson's writing career began at the ripe age of six, when she wrote, illustrated, and "published" a series of construction-paper storybooks, which she tried to sell to kindhearted elderly neighbors. Alas, sales were slow. . . thanks to steep prices and a limited number of elderly neighbors looking for reading material. After many years as an avid reader, Christine has... More

the book and the bones

December 27, 2013

Jane Isenberg

Jane Isenberg's most recent novel, THE BONES AND THE BOOK (Oconee Spirit Press), is the 2013 Willa Award winner in the original softcover fiction category. Previously she wrote THE BEL BARRETT MYSTERY SERIES (Avon/HarperCollins). Her first book, a memoir titled GOING BY THE BOOK, (Bergin & Garvey) won the James N. Britton Prize. Jane earned degrees from Vassar College, Southern Connecticut State College,... More


October 10, 2013

Michael Zusman

If you are Jewish, or grew up in an area where there was a significant Jewish population, you may have fallen in love with deli foods: corned beef, pastrami, knishes, kasha, etc. Many of these foods may be prepared at home, but foodies with current dietary and culinary standards look askance at the animal-fat-rich menu. Michael Zusman and Nick Zukin have... More


October 9, 2013

Sheri Speede

I first met Sheri Speede at a fundraising event organized by Edmund Stone for her chimpanzee sanctuary in Cameroon. I am interested in work like this, and in primatology in general. Sheri is warm, intelligent and deeply committed to her work. Her compassion and empathy for our closest primate relatives has resulted in easing the lives of chimpanzees orphaned by the... More


October 8, 2013

Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem is an American novelist, essayist and short story writer. His first novel, Gun, with Occasional Music, a genre work that mixed elements of science fiction and detective fiction, was published in 1994. It was followed by three more science fiction novels. In 1999, Lethem published Motherless Brooklyn, a National Book Critics Circle Award-winning novel that achieved mainstream success.... More

my daughter my song

August 23, 2013

Luca Harvie

When I first saw the book "My Daughter, My Son" in my mailbox, I may have groaned. It didn't look like the kind of topic I was usually interested in. After reading 50 pages, the human drama and compelling personalities of the principals had me hooked. What Luca and his mother Betsie went through is beyond what I can imagine. That they... More


August 22, 2013

Chelsea Cain

I met Chelsea Cain years ago when her Nancy Drew parody, "Confessions of a Teen Sleuth," was published. Like her, it was clever, knowing and funny. Since that time, she has become a NY Times best-seller with her series about Gretchen Lowell, the Beauty Killer, set in and around Portland. Gretchen is gorgeous and deeply disturbed, a serial killer and sadist.... More


August 1, 2013

Ben Winters

Ben Winters is known for the 2009 parody novel Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, which reached the New York Times best seller list in September 2009. His second novel, Android Karenina (Quirk Books), was published in June 2010; his young adult novel, The Secret Life of Ms. Finkleman, was published by HarperCollins on September 21, 2010. Finkleman was nominated... More


July 24, 2013

Robert Weiss

I first spoke with Robert Weiss when I was still working at KBOO. His memoir, "Fire Mission! the siege at Mortain, Normandy, August 1944," first published as "Enemy North, South, East, West," is published by White Mane Publishing Company. Although most bookstores no longer stock the book, any bookstore will order it. It is a remarkable story of courage, perseverance... More


July 23, 2013

Chris Bohjalian

Chris Bohjalian is the critically-acclaimed author of 16 books, including nine New York Times bestsellers. His work has been translated into over 25 languages and three times become movies. His new novel, The Light in the Ruins, debuted as a New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and national Indiebound bestseller. The book is a re-imagining of Romeo and Juliet set in Tuscany... More