July 01, 2016

Author Author is an occasional feature of interviews with authors in Portland, either on tour or local writers.  Ed Goldberg has been conducting these interviews for almost 20 years.  Each interview discusses the author’s current work, thoughts and process for writing.

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Justin Go

May 15, 2014

Justin Go

Justin Go was born in Los Angeles. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley and University College London. The Steady Running of the Hour is his first novel and is being published in twenty languages. At present Justin is at work on a second novel.

Penguin 2013

May 14, 2014

Linda Greenlaw

Linda Greenlaw isn’t a woman who shies away from a challenge—a nationally renowned swordfish boat captain made famous in the film The Perfect Storm, Greenlaw is also a bestselling author and a television celebrity. Her latest book, Lifesaving Lessons, is a memoir of her becoming a reluctant foster mother to a troubled teenager with a… More

Nicole Mones

April 16, 2014

Nicole Mones

Nicole Mones is an American novelist and food writer. As of March 2013 she has published four novels, entitled Lost in Translation, which appeared in 1998, A Cup of Light (2002), and The Last Chinese Chef, (2007), and in March 2014, Night in Shanghai. Lost in Translation won the 2000 Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize awarded… More

Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue is an Irish-born playwright, literary historian and novelist now living in Canada. Her 2010 novel Room was a finalist for the Man Booker Prize and an international best-seller. Donoghue’s 1995 novel Hood won the Stonewall Book Award and Slammerkin (2000) won the Ferro-Grumley Award for Lesbian Fiction. I spoke with her about her… More

Crown Publishing

March 13, 2014

Erin Lindsay McCabe

Erin Lindsay McCabe is what we call a “good interview.”  Bright, articulate, and thoughtful about her work. The novel is the story of a young woman in 1862 who disguises herself as a man so she can accompany her husband as he goes to fight in the Civil War.  There were several real-life examples of… More

Norton Books

March 7, 2014

Molly Antopol

Molly Antopol is a recent Wallace Stegner Fellow and current Jones Lecturer at Stanford University. She’s a recipient of the 5 Under 35 award from the National Book Foundation. Her debut story collection, The UnAmericans, is forthcoming from W.W. Norton on February 3, 2014, and in six other countries. The book is a Barnes and… More

Atelier 26

February 13, 2014

Harriet Scott Chessman

Harriet Scott Chessman has written what used to be referred to as a “slim volume.” While not taking a great many pages to do so, she has created a deep story of guilt, redemption and the varieties of love. Each of her characters bears a burden, and each deals with it more-or-less well. The end… More


February 12, 2014

Ruth Ozeki

My favorite story about Ruth Ozeki’s early film career was that she developed icky and disgusting fluids for special effects in cheap horror movies.  I am so jealous. Ruth is a fine novelist, and her latest, A Tale for the Time Being was short-listed for the prestigious Man-Booker Prize.  (Yeah, jealous again.)  It is now… More

Dutton Books

February 3, 2014

Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner is one of the most reliable crime thriller writers. Her books are always good, and sometimes great. I have spoken to her many times over the years, and she is smart and articulate. I spoke with her at her home in New England about her latest novel, Fear Nothing.

Harrison Thurman Books

January 21, 2014

Christopher Lord

Christoper Lord was born in Astoria, Oregon. He now lives in Portland with his partner of twenty years and their Devon Rex, Miss Corey, the inspiration for Simon’s Miss Tox. I spoke with him about his latest novel, The Edwin Drood Murders. The Droodists have arrived in Dickens Junction. Local bookstore owner Simon Alastair has… More