February 27, 2017

Each Saturday at 5 All Classical Portland celebrates what’s next in our community, with profiles of young musicians and explorations of musical opportunities for young people in the northwest.

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February 27, 2016

On Deck with Aaron Petit

Aaron Petit is an 18-year old pianist who only discovered music 6 years ago… but he has already decided that music will be his life. He has won 5 competitions and attended two conservatories (Seattle Conservatory and Colburn in Los Angeles); he also has a teaching studio. Aaron is one of the winners of this year’s… More

February 20, 2016

On Deck with Hanami Froom

Hanami Froom is the youngest of the nine winners of this year’s MetroArts Young Artist Competition.  She is just nine-years old but is already making a name for herself as an outstanding young musician.  (She recently won a spot on the Jewish Community Orchestra’s young artist showcase, too.)  Meet young Hanami (whose name in Japanese means… More

February 13, 2016

On Deck with Saori Erickson

Saori Erickson is the oldest of the nine winners of this year’s MetroArts Young Artist Competition.  At 21-years old you might think this soprano is the most experienced of the bunch, but in fact until just a few years ago she was intent on becoming a pop singer.  (She even sang in an Aerosmith cover… More

February 6, 2016

On Deck with Christine Wey

Christine Wey is an 18-year old pianist who feels so passionately about music that she started a music club at her high school.  However, music won’t be her career path: instead she’s interested in becoming an entrepreneur and finding ways for businesses to make a positive impact on society. Christine is one of the nine winners of… More

January 30, 2016

On Deck with Aveek Ganguly

Aveek Ganguly won a spot on the MetroArts Young Artist concert in 2014; now two years older, at age 16, he’s won a spot on this year’s concert, too. We’ll check in to see what has changed in Aveek’s life since we last talked with him (when he was 14) and we’ll hear his 2014… More

January 23, 2016

On Deck with Symphony Koss

With this episode of “On Deck” we begin profiling the nine winners of this year’s MetroArts Young Artist Concerto Competition. Listen and meet 14-year old violinist Symphony Koss –a small girl with a big personality– and learn why she’s “addicted” to music. (I’ll also ask her about her name, of course!) By the way, the big MetroArts concert –in… More

January 16, 2016

On Deck with Sidney Tovey

Sidney Tovey is a 15-year old violinist who lives in Hermiston, in Eastern Oregon.  Musical opportunities are limited in that small town, so every week her mom drives her three hours (each way!) to play with the Portland Youth Philharmonic.  Hers is a story of remarkable dedication.

January 9, 2016

On Deck with Luke Hartley

Luke Hartley is a high school senior from Newberg who drives an hour every Sunday to sing with the Pacific Youth Choir.  He is also heavily involved in the music program at his school – so much so that he is actually only taking one non-music course this semester. In this episode of “On Deck” we’ll… More

December 19, 2015

On Deck with Devina Boughton

Devina Boughton is 17, with a philosopher’s heart and a passion for music that just bubbles out of her.  In this episode of “On Deck” we’ll talk with Devina about singing classical music, playing jazz trumpet, and how we can change the world through art.

December 12, 2015

On Deck with Ian Schipper

Ian Schipper is a 17-year old singer who lives for music.  In his words, “Music provides for me all of the emotions I would ever need to feel.” In this episode of On Deck, Ian tells us about his most important musical moments — which include singing with the Pacific Youth Choir and the Stangeland Family… More