October 28, 2016


Each Saturday at 5 All Classical Portland celebrates what’s next in our community, with profiles of young musicians and explorations of musical opportunities for young people in the northwest.

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Harry Kim

December 5, 2015

On Deck with Harry Kim

Harry Kim is a 17-year old cellist. He performed Elgar’s Cello Concerto with the Oregon Sinfonietta in October – he won that organization’s concerto competition.  But that wasn’t the first time Harry has performed as soloist: he played the opening movement of the Dvorak Concerto with the Jewish Community Orchestra in 2014.  He has also… More

Jordan Strang

November 21, 2015

On Deck with Jordan Strang

Jordan Strang is a 20-year old pianist who is devoted to music, but he is not currently enrolled in a college or conservatory.  Rather, he is choosing to continue his private study with Harold Gray as he continues to develop his individual sound. Jordan won the Oregon Sinfonietta’s Concerto Competition last spring, and in this episode of… More

Liam Dubay

November 14, 2015

On Deck with Liam Dubay

Liam Dubay is a 16-year old cellist, singer and pianist – a very well-rounded musician.  Which isn’t a big surprise, given that his mom is a violinist in the Portland Baroque Orchestra, and his dad plays violin in the Oregon Symphony.  We’ll learn more about Liam Dubay in this episode of “On Deck.” Here Liam performs… More

Pacific Youth Choir

October 17, 2015

On Deck with the Pacific Youth Choir

This week we step inside one of the region’s most well-respected youth ensembles:  The Pacific Youth Choir.  Led for its entire 13 year history by Mia Hall Miller, PYC  is simply a shining example of young people being invigorated by music. Each year the Pacific Youth Choir begins its season by gathering in the woods… More

Travis Scharer

October 10, 2015

On Deck with Travis Scharer

16 year-old cellist Travis Scharer definitely wants to be a professional musician.  He’s currently the principal cellist in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, and if you meet him you should know that he would rather have a conversation about classical music than anything else.  In this episode, he tells Christa about his choice to abandon football… More

Sam Rhoton

September 19, 2015

On Deck with Sam Rhoton

Sam Rhoton is a 16-year old bassoonist who is deeply in love with classical music. He has also endured a number of surgical procedures for scoliosis and “proximal focal femoral deficiency” – which means he was born with one leg longer than the other. Despite those hardships, he is amazingly cheerful and his enthusiasm for… More

Catherine Youn

September 12, 2015

On Deck with Cathie Youn

14-year old Cathie Youn has two nearly-equal loves in her life: music and her church.  In this episode on On Deck we’ll talk to her about both, and she will also tell us why little kids don’t get nervous about performing like older kids do. I surprise Cathie midway through the episode by asking her to… More

Elise Morgan

August 22, 2015

On Deck with Elise Morgan

Elise Morgan lives on a farm in Dayton, Oregon.  She raises sheep and chickens, but devotes her free time to playing the French horn.   She is very serious about music, traveling nearly 90 minutes to weekly rehearsals with the Portland Youth Philharmonic.  She also recently had her first experience as a soloist at the summer camp… More

Joanne Lee

August 15, 2015

On Deck with Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee is a bubbly, 16-year old cellist.  She plays with the Portland Youth Philharmonic and won first place in Oregon’s state solo competition in the Spring. In this episode of On Deck, we’ll talk about practicing, balancing a busy life, and self-motivation.  (Meaty topics spiced with lots of laughter.)

Rose Rogers

August 1, 2015

On Deck with Rose Rogers

Rose Rogers is a cheerful 16-year old bassoonist who placed 2nd in Oregon’s State Solo Competition  She also plays with the Portland Youth Philharmonic‘s Conservatory Orchestra. But when it comes to planning for her future career, she’s interested in becoming a visual artist.  We’ll talk about her aspirations in this episode of On Deck.