April 23, 2014

On The Aisle is a film review panel discussion featuring Ed Goldberg and a collection of Portland’s best film critics.

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Crystal Blue Persuasion

Posted April 12, 2014 by D. K. Holm

[caption id="attachment_11886" align="aligncenter" width="199"] Postor for Jodorowsky's Dune[/caption] Look at those cute hippies, with their tantric sex and light refracting cubes and their clothes in rainbow colors, communing with nature... More

Battle Sighs

Posted by D. K. Holm

[caption id="attachment_11885" align="aligncenter" width="203"] The legacy of Esquire's Dubious Achievements Awards lives on in the poster for The Known Unknown[/caption] Errol Morris's The Unknown Known  could be viewed as the third... More

The Week in Scarlett Johansson Studies

Posted by D. K. Holm

[caption id="attachment_11884" align="aligncenter" width="201"] Poster for the difficult sic-fi thriller Under the Skin[/caption] Last week it was Captain America: The Winter Soldier; this week it's Under the Skin. But this week's... More

Raid Kills Crooks Dead

Posted by D. K. Holm

[caption id="attachment_11883" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Poster for the Indonesian action film, The Raid 2[/caption] If nothing else, The Raid 2 reminds the viewer that most cop movies these days are really... More

Small Bang

Posted March 20, 2014 by D. K. Holm

At a time when knowledge and even intelligence is assailed from all sides, it seems churlish to criticize any network attempt to cater to viewers who want... More


Posted January 20, 2014 by D. K. Holm

Raze is one of the most nihilistic films I've seen in a long time. This low budget horror or suspense or martial arts film is the latest in a... More

Outing the Vote

Posted by D. K. Holm

Portlanders can pop up in the weirdest places: on vacations in obscure locales; on bestseller lists; on America's Most Wanted; and lately in the documentary God Loves Uganda, about... More

The poster for Inside Llewyn Davis

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Posted December 26, 2013 by D. K. Holm

What have filmmakers got against cats? Among the many onscreen kitten killings are Donald Sutherland throwing a cat against a wall in Bernardo Bertolucci's 1900. Before that, the villains in... More

Catching Fire poster

Fire Sale

Posted November 24, 2013 by D. K. Holm

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a hit and, thus, for the short term, at least, movie reviews are irrelevant to the masses who are apparently crowding the theaters for... More


Fossil Fueled

Posted July 12, 2013 by D. K. Holm

Pacific Rim is the biggest, most expensive H. P. Lovecraft story ever put on film. It is not based on actual story, but director Guilermo del Torohas been trying to make... More

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