February 08, 2016

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On The Aisle is a film review panel discussion featuring Ed Goldberg and a collection of Portland’s best film critics.

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Movies review in episode 174

Webcast #174 – 2016

Posted February 5, 2016 by D. K. Holm

This week, three reviewers discuss Hail Caesar!, the new Coen Brothers take on Hollywood in the 1950s, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the horror mash-up. Also on hand are two... More

Spotlight Poster

Favorite Movies of 2015: D. K. Holm

Posted January 10, 2016 by D. K. Holm

For those who are curious, here is one reviewers list of favorite films for last year. The full discussion will occur in our next podcast, No. 171. The short version... More

Robert Hughes and Christopher Htichens Covers

Shocks of the Old

Posted by D. K. Holm

Among other things, the 1970s through the 1990s were a great time for the essay-review. Certain publications thrived with their authoritative contributors, magazines such as The New York Review of... More

Fargo Posters

Northern Lights, Action, Camera

Posted December 18, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Those of us who are Fargo fans already can't wait for the third season, the second having just ended last Monday with its 10th episode. But in the off season there's... More

Le Carre bio cover

Liars Club

Posted December 10, 2015 by D. K. Holm

It's a trend. A recent spate of biographies call into question the truthfulness of their subjects. A new, short account of Dashiell Hammett and the sources of his writing life... More

Covers to the Vidal related books under review

The Ugly Years

Posted November 26, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Empire of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal, Jay Parini (Doubleday, 480 pages, $30, ISBN-13: 978-0385537568, October 13, 2015 [Vidal's birthday]) Sympathy for the Devil: Four Decades of Friendship with Gore... More

Cineaction cover story on Marnie

A Third Way of Thinking About Movies

Posted August 11, 2015 by D. K. Holm

When the BBC released the results of its poll of an unknown number of international critics about their favorite American movies, Alfred Hitchcock made the list five times – for... More


A Favorite Thing

Posted August 8, 2015 by D. K. Holm

A few Xmases ago, I had the unusual pleasure of meeting some Von Trapps. The two sisters and a brother were at a large festive party with much singing, and... More

The BFI's new book on Chaplin's The Gold Rush

What Is a Film?

Posted July 25, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Continuing with its series of films released in the middle of a decade, the BFI Film Classics series leaps from The Birth of a Nation in 1915 to Charles Chaplin's... More


The Shame of a Nation

Posted July 12, 2015 by D. K. Holm

As an observer of the movie world for many years, I've always found three subjects that were the least interesting: the Academy Awards, the red scare years or the blacklist, and... More

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