October 22, 2018

Job Title: Fundraiser Phone Worker

Description: Phone volunteers serve as the bridge between All Classical Portland and our community by placing Thank You calls to our donors during our on-air fundraisers. They support All Classical Portland’s mission, “to build and sustain culturally vibrant local and global communities around this art form.” If you love this service and are enthusiastic about having conversations with other like-minded folks, then this is the job for you!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Punctuality: there are slightly different talking points and strategies for each fundraiser, so thank you for being on time!
  • Passion: make phone calls and bond with donors from all over North America
  • Precision: a clear speaking voice is needed, diction is important as well as listening carefully
  • Privacy: All details of donor identification are carefully protected, so confidentiality is critical
  • Purpose: you’ll have a unique opportunity to assist donors with their questions about All Classical Portland’s service, with staff support

Direct Reports: All Classical Portland Staff

Length of Appointment: Between 1 and 4 shifts during a given fundraiser

Time Commitment: Two to three hours per shift

Qualifications: Basic computer knowledge, ideally with Microsoft Windows. Pleasant manner, patience and dependability. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Ability to ask for help when needed and to take direction from the All Classical Portland staff.

Support: Scripts for this position will be provided. In addition, staff will be available at all times to answer questions or resolve issues.

Benefits: Enjoy the view from our state of the art riverfront studios, meet your favorite All Classical Personalities, contribute to a cause you are passionate about, and make new friends!

Disclaimer: The hearing impaired may experience challenges in this role, and hearing aids can interfere with our phone systems. Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Dale Tolliver at dale@allclassical.org, if you have questions.