Alix Christie

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Youthful, ambitious Peter Schoeffer is on the verge of professional success as a scribe in Paris when his foster father, wealthy merchant and bookseller Johann Fust, summons him home to corrupt, feud-plagued Mainz to meet “a most amazing man.” Johann Gutenberg, a driven and caustic inventor, has devised a revolutionary—and to some, blasphemous—method of bookmaking: a machine he calls a printing press. Fust is financing Gutenberg’s workshop and he orders Peter to become Gutenberg’s apprentice. Resentful at having to abandon a prestigious career as a scribe, Peter begins his education in the “darkest art.”

This is the story of the Gutenberg Bible as told through the character of Peter Schoeffer: young, passionate and unsure of his future, or the the future of this project.  Author Alix Christie is a lively and charming subject, discussing her new novel, Gutenberg’s Apprentice.

Gutenberg's Apprentice by Alix Christie
HarperCollins, 2014

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