Harley Sachs

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I have interviewed Harley for several of his books over the years.  He has written many, published a few, and keeps on going.  I admire him.

This from his website:

I am an old freelance writer and author of many books, short stories, articles, and newspaper columns. Just to make this web page a bit more accessible, if it works here’s a link to my catalog. There’s no need to purchase any of my books yourself. Even if you wanted to, few bookstores stock them. You have to order them from me or go on line. Better yet: ask your local librarian to add them to their holdings. Then you can read them for free! Such a deal! Or you might find them on interlibrary loan. If every library in the country stocked them I’d be a best seller!

StopRape.com by Harley Sachs

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