J.K. Knauss

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From the website of J.K. Knauss:

I’m an author who writes historical fiction set in medieval Spain and magical contemporary fiction.

The Middle Ages have hovered over my shoulder my whole life, but it wasn’t until after I was halfway through a master’s degree that I fully realized that this was the time the fairy tales are talking about! Princes and princesses! As I delved deeper into factual medieval culture, I was captivated by the bright colors, the crazy musical instruments, the spirit of discovery, and the wonderful writing done in languages that were just developing. I continued to study the Middle Ages in an academic context, and had the opportunity to feel the excitement of touching history when I examined manuscripts from the era, but scholarly seriousness never permitted the joy that was roiling inside me to burst out.

I spoke with her about her novel, Seven Noble Knights.

Seven Noble Knights by J.K. Knauss
Bagwyn Books, 2016

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