October 22, 2018


Author Author is an occasional feature of interviews with authors in Portland, either on tour or local writers.  Ed Goldberg has been conducting these interviews for almost 20 years.  Each interview discusses the author’s current work, thoughts and process for writing.

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August 4, 2017

Andrea Avery

In her own words: I was going to be a pianist. I was not crazy to think so. By some magic of genetics and environment, the keys rose to meet my fingers and music came. And then, too soon, by some inverted miracle of genetics and environment, rheumatoid arthritis appeared. The keys still rose to… More

May 22, 2017

Ariel Levy

I have been interviewing creative people for 40 years, but I am not a journalist. I have no training in the journalistic standards for doing an interview, and I like it that way, because I think it allows for a more natural conversation. But, even my minimal objective distance went missing when I spoke with… More

April 20, 2017

Lisa See

I have known Lisa See for about 20 years, and have spoken with her for each of her books, since the second one.  Here is information about her taken from her website. In her beloved New York Times bestsellers Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Peony in Love, Shanghai Girls, Dreams of Joy, and, most recently, China Dolls, Lisa See has brilliantly… More

April 3, 2017

Greg Iles

I first interviewed Greg for his second book, The Bone Tree. To catch up to the story, I had to read almost 1700 pages. And, it was a breeze. The definition of page-turners: great action and characters, a terrific story. The third book of the trilogy, Mississippi Blood, is out now. I spoke with Greg… More

March 1, 2017

J.K. Knauss

From the website of J.K. Knauss: I’m an author who writes historical fiction set in medieval Spain and magical contemporary fiction. The Middle Ages have hovered over my shoulder my whole life, but it wasn’t until after I was halfway through a master’s degree that I fully realized that this was the time the fairy… More

February 21, 2017

Shanthi Sekaran

Shanthi Sekaran teaches creative writing at California College of the Arts, and is a member of the Portuguese Artists Colony and the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. Her work has appeared in Best New American Voices and Canteen, and online at Zyzzyva and Mutha Magazine. Her first novel, The Prayer Room, was published by MacAdam Cage. A California native, she lives in Berkeley with… More

December 21, 2016

Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger

“My Brother’s Keeper: A Caregiver’s Story” by Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger details the frightening and difficult journey Tracy faced after suffering a major stroke in 2011. Over the course of several years, Wendy became her brother’s caregiver, advocate, drill sergeant, mother — whatever helped. Together, they navigated their way through the myriad challenges of medical… More

December 16, 2016

Elissa Altman

From the Washington Post columnist and James Beard Award-winning author of Poor Man’s Feast comes a story of seeking truth, acceptance, and self in a world of contradiction… Treyf: According to Leviticus, unkosher and prohibited, like lobster, shrimp, pork, fish without scales, the mixing of meat and dairy. Also, imperfect, intolerable, offensive, undesirable, unclean, improper, broken, forbidden, illicit. I spoke with… More

September 16, 2016

Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth

An eye-opening view of the unprecedented global spread of El Sistema—intensive music education that disrupts the cycles of poverty. Authors Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth tell the remarkable story of the international El Sistema movement. A program that started over four decades ago with a handful of music students in a parking garage in Caracas,… More

August 30, 2016

Rae Meadows

Rae Meadows is the author of Calling Out, which received the 2006 Utah Book Award for fiction, No One Tells Everything, a Poets & Writers Notable Novel, and most recently the widely praised novel, Mercy Train. I Will Send Rain is her fourth novel. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York. I spoke with Rae via telephone.