Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger

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My Brother’s Keeper: A Caregiver’s Story” by Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger details the frightening and difficult journey Tracy faced after suffering a major stroke in 2011.

Over the course of several years, Wendy became her brother’s caregiver, advocate, drill sergeant, mother — whatever helped. Together, they navigated their way through the myriad challenges of medical jargon, Medicaid, power of attorney, student loans and the IRS, assisted along the way by stellar professionals and unbelievable friends.

From Oregon Coast Today website

I spoke with Wendy at our Portland studio. The information in the book may be very helpful if we find ourselves in the same position.

My Brother’s Keeper: A Caregiver’s Story by Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger
Black Rose Writing, 2016

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