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Photo: Ona Galonka

I received a whole smorgasbord of lessons relating to every aspect of radio production, from audio editing of music tracks, underwriting sales, distinctions in on-air hosting, interviewing community musical guests, interacting with listeners and supporters, researching radio markets and statistics to pledge drive preparation, interacting with volunteers, writing for various audiences, music programming organization and selection. Though certain projects may seem repetitive at times, know that the work you do is appreciated internally and externally. All projects and completed work is of importance, even though it may seem minute.

One of my most honorable moments was when I was given the opportunity to attend two all staff meetings to deliberate the progression of the station’s mission, vision and values statement. Even though I was a rather new member, my opinions where heard and treated as importantly as a staff member who had been employed for fifteen or more years. Additionally, I learned about the significance of interacting and developing relationships with community members and the audience support system during pledge drives and writing personalized messages to listeners.

Having spent almost six months at the station, I can attest that this experience is more than just a resume builder or sustenance for university academic credit. The station, with its compassionate, caring and heart-warming staff, felt like home. Not only did I learn techniques and lessons about the creative and administrative aspects of radio production, but also progressed in confidence and strength as a professional.

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