What is your history with All Classical Portland?

I have no musical background at all. I am Norwegian, and growing up I endlessly heard music from the Norwegian hardanger fele (fiddle). However, it is when I went to school in Oslo that I discovered classical music. The turning point for me was seeing Peer Gynt with music composed by Edvard Grieg. It was performed in a beautiful theatre and the music of Grieg became a cornerstone for me.

I listened to All Classical Portland for years before I contributed. One day I was listening to a fundraising drive and decided it wasn’t fair that I listened all the time but have never donated. I am now a monthly Sustaining Contributor and a donor for over 12 years.

What inspires you to contribute to All Classical Portland?

The music, naturally! I connect with the music and the hosts. I have gone on three of the station’s cultural tours (Ireland/Scotland, Poland/Czechoslovakia, and Costa Rica) and have gotten to know Edmund Stone and Jack Allen. It is a great thing to get to meet and know the people who work at that station through the trips and station open houses.

What do you wish for the station in the future?

To prosper! I hope All Classical Portland continues to concentrate on getting more and more people to listen and become contributors so the station can thrive. And, I hope that donors can increase their giving to make sure the station stays in Portland for years to come. Through my donations, I feel that I am doing my part so the station can continue to bring this music to people who haven’t heard it before.

How would you encourage listeners to contribute?

First, I would encourage people to turn on 89.9 FM and just listen to the station. Listen and keep listening. Then, after a while, contribute like I did. It is worthwhile to keep the station going. It would be terrible not to have it at all. And, contributing is one way to leave your mark!

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