What is your history with All Classical Portland?

We started donating to All Classical Portland over 25 years ago when my husband, Warren, and I were in school at Portland State University. Since those early days, we have periodically increased our giving each year as our lives have allowed. We also seized the opportunity to donate our car last year!

What inspires you to contribute to All Classical Portland?

What inspires us to give is the quality of the programming. We can turn on the radio in the house and in my husband’s workshop and be guaranteed to hear the rich sound. We are so pleased to be a part of the growth of All Classical over the years and are happy to support their vision.

What do you wish for the station in the future?

We don’t see independent classical radio stations thriving in other parts of the country. So, we want All Classical Portland to have a solid foundation for the next generation. It was a staple in our house as we raised our two children, and hope that it will be there for other families. What a great resource for kids who discover classical music for the first time! For example, our children (now 14 and 21) are pleased to be able to recognize a piece of music and sometimes even the composer whereas their friends cannot. They thought everyone listened to classical music growing up. But, the good news is, everyone can!

How would you encourage listeners to contribute, to become a future founder?

I would encourage listeners to compare all the subscriptions they have and determine which ones bring them the most enjoyment. We all become stock holders in the organization(s) we support. To me, All Classical Portland is part of the cultural fabric of our community. And, the station makes it possible to give at any dollar level.

People need to realize that not everyone has a station like this. We are avid travelers and are always surprised how many places don’t have a local classical radio station. All Classical Portland is a gift and we need to keep it going! It is a foundation for culture. It is art and poetry. And, it is accessible to everyone.

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