January 17, 2018

An Evening of Music and Love with Joaquin Lopez and Hand2Mouth

Join Hand2Mouth and Joaquin Lopez for a bilingual evening of musical revue, Mexican drinks, and salsa dancing! The revue combines Lopez’s heartfelt folk songs with the “endearing sincerity and high energy” of Hand2Mouth. Joaquin sings selections from his debut album For the Disenchanted, intimate ballads inspired by Mexican folklore and the Latin American bolero, with Antonio Centurion on Paraguayan harp. Hand2Mouth Company Members (Julie Hammond, Maesie Speer, Faith Helma, and Erin Leddy) perform excerpts of Lopez’s poetry along with songs from their own show about love, Something’s Got Ahold of my Heart. VIP reception ($75) with Hand2Mouth and Joaquin Lopez, 6:30-7:30 pm, catered by Portland’s most “satisfying and authentic” taqueria, La Bonita. Click HERE for tickets.
Stick around for a salsa dance lesson at 9:30 and an hour of social dancing with Javier Solis and Kara Girod of Gemini Salsa.

Hand2Mouth Theatre

Concert $30; VIP Reception $75

Hand2Mouth Theatre
210 SE Madison Street, Suite 11
Portland 97214

December 7th, 2013 at 8:00pm