September 26, 2017

Artists Repertory Theatre: The Gin Game

When life deals you a bad hand, do you give up the game?

It’s Visitor Day at the “home for the aged,” and Weller is playing a solitary game of cards on the sunporch when a tearful Fonsia, troubled by her new environs, seeks a private moment. Weller invites her to a cheerful game of gin rummy to pass the time but as the days and conversations pass, the game becomes more than either of them anticipate. Through laughter, tears, frustration and fear, the truth of their lives is dealt. In this tragi-comedy, the upper hand is shuffled between two souls who play their lives out to each other over a well-worn score pad. The Gin Game replaces the originally scheduled production of The Invisible Hand. Your tickets to The Invisible Hand will serve as your tickets to The Gin Game. Performances run through April 28. For dates and times, as well as to purchase tickets, visit link above or call the box office at 503-241-1278. On the Morrison Stage of the Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison. Portland, 97205.


Artists Repertory Theatre

$20 to $45

Morrison Stage of the Artists Repertory Theatre
1515 SW Morrison Ave.
Portland 97205

March 26th, 2013 at 7:30pm