October 17, 2017

Oregon Koto-Kai: Fall Concert

The koto family is a group of zither type instruments which has a movable bridge on each string, stretched across a paulownia wood body.  Performance by Mitsuki Dazai and Oregon Koto-Kai .  Program includes Chidori (Music of Plovers), traditional duet with voice, composed by Yoshizawa Kengyo;  Somei Ootsuki‘s Sakura Bukyoku (Dance Music of Cherry Blossoms), in classical style and contemporary ensemble works such as Raden (Mother of Pearl Work) of Tadao Sawai. Tickets: $15 available at Brown Paper Tickets.


Oregon Koto-Kai


Epworth United Methodist Church
1333 SE 28th
Portland 97214

October 20th, 2013 at 3:30pm