September 26, 2017

Oregon Latvian Society: Latvian Folk Music by TRIO

Singers Zane Smite, Kristine Karkle and Ivars Cinkuss, joined by Edgars Karklis on a variety of folk instruments. Trio offers a unique opportunity for fans of folk music and vocal performance to acquaint themselves with a rich but little-known heritage of ethnic song. The repertoire represents ancient Latvian folk singing, orally passed from generation to generation over centuries. The origins of this type of folk singing are undatable, but the style is a key to the mystery of oral cultural transmission. This is living folk music – no two concerts are alike! Tickets: $25 adults, $10 students 18 and under, children under 6 free.

Oregon Latvian Society

$10 to $25

Oregon Latvian Center
5500 SW Dosch Rd.
Portland 97239

October 8th, 2013 at 7:00pm