January 23, 2018

Polish Library Association: True Life Trio

True Life Trio, Leslie Bonnett, voice, fiddle, percussion;
Briget Boyle, voice, guitar, percussion and Juliana Graffagna, voice, bass, percussion, weaves sumptuous vocal harmonies and sultry rhythms from Eastern Europe, the Americas & beyond. This innovative trio explores the creative possibilities of cross-fertilization of different traditions with unlikely timbres bringing to Portland for this show new repertory from Poland. Program includes U Mojej Matecki (At My Mother’s); Zielony Mosteczek (The Green Bridge); Lec Głosie (Fly My Voice) and Oj Kochanie, Kochanie (Oh, Love, Love). As always, reception with refreshments is held after the concert. Tickets: $10, available at Organizer link above and at the door.





Polish Library Association


St. Stanislaus Church
3916 N Interstate Ave.
Portland 97227

May 4th, 2013 at 7:00pm