November 17, 2017

Portland Revels: Apple Cider Pressing Party & Harvest Potluck

Every autumn, Portland Revels looks forward to hosting its annual Apple Cider Press & Potluck Party. Based on the country truism that, “many hands make light work” Revels rounds up bushels of apples, sets up presses, and invites friends, neighbors and curious passers-by to come chop a few apples to feed the presses. The fruits of this labor are gallons galore of sweet, fresh apple juice. Once the apples are all squeezed, a potluck feast will be laid out and everyone will be invited to fill up their plate. By the end of the party, we anticipate guests will have a gallon of apple juice and a story or two to take home.

Live bluegrass music provided by Kevin Shay Johnson and Rick Meyers, as well as members of Bridgetown Morris and Renegade Rose Morris teams entertaining with song and dance. To join in, guests should bring a labeled jug to collect a share of cider, and a potluck specialty dish to contribute. The entry fee raises funds for the Christmas Revels show. Call 503-274-4654 for party address and to register in advance or pay at the gate to share a piece of this cultural taste of Autumn.

Portland Revels

$10 adult, $5 child, or $20 per family and potluck specialty dish

Call 503-274-4654 for party address
Hillsboro, OR

October 6th, 2013 at 1:00pm