January 23, 2018

Portland Sacred Harp: “Double All Day” Singing, May 4 & 5

Sacred Harp or shapenote music is experiencing a revival across the country among a diverse group of singers who are drawn to its soulful sound and inclusive approach. The music is sung in unaccompanied four-part harmony, with singers take turns among themselves to lead songs. This community music-making is intended to be fun, social and free of performance constraints; anyone who loves to sing, regardless of musical experience, ability or age, is invited. Saturday’s All Day Singing will be music from The Sacred Harp tunebook that has been continuously in print and in use since 1844, with only four shapes, fa-sol-la-mi. Sunday’s All Day Singing is music from another traditional source called Christian Harmony, which includes the more familiar seven shapes, including do-re-mi. In keeping with the Sacred Harp tradition, a free potluck lunch will be provided by local singers at noon, with homemade dishes filling half a dozen large tables. Attendees may come and go throughout the day as they please. Tunebooks will be available to borrow for the day or can be purchased for $20. 9:30 am to 3 pm both days; doors open at 9 am.



Portland Sacred Harp

Free, but donations gladly accepted

The Little Church
5138 N.E. 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

May 4th, 2013 at 9:30am