January 22, 2018

The Esoterics: Sirene

In the first concert series of its twentieth season, the ensemble presents four new choral compositions that embrace the siren theme of call and response. In Eric Banks’ Voices, asetting of a poem by Constantine Cavafy, calls from a previous life beckon from beyond time to remind, guide, and inspire. In Mason Bates’ multilingual Sirens, inspiration is drawn from the temptresses of Homer’s Odyssey, the Rhine-maiden of the German Lorelei, the star-goddess of 16th-century Italian poetry, the Peruvian Sirinu at the festival of Carnival, and Christ’s call to the fisherman brothers who would later become his disciples. Ted Hearne’s Privilege comprises five choral snap-shots into collective consciousness and include poignant texts from Bill Moyers’ interview with David Simon. These vignettes express our culture’s response to the overwhelming number of way in which we are called: by each other, by families and loved ones, by society, and by technology. In addition to Privilege, The Esoterics will also present the West Coast premiere of Hearne’s Ripple for mixed chorus. This provocative work sets a single sentence from the Iraq War Logs that describes an incident in which an American soldier opened fire on an unidentified vehicle that was occupied by an unarmed Iraqi family. Tickets available at the door or through the ensemble’s website.

The Esoterics

Lincoln Performance Hall, on the campus of Portland State University
Portland, OR

April 6th, 2013 at 4:00pm