October 21, 2017

White Bird Dance: Phillip Adams Balletlab. (Australia) – Amplification

Phillip Adams, one of Australia’s most provocative and inventive choreographers, returns to our Uncaged series with his masterwork, Amplification. Using the car accident as a metaphor for mental/physical disassociation, this compelling dance- theater piece examines the thresholds of the human body’s response to sound, light and physical impact. Skidding, sliding and crashing into a world of body bags, pain, healing, reality and unreality, Amplification deconstructs and reconstructs the site of impact with scientific fascination and transfixing focus on the body in chaos.

Performances January 23-25th, 8:00 PM.  Click HERE for tickets.

White Bird Dance

$20 to $30

Lincoln Performance Hall on the campus of Portland State University
1620 SW Park Avenue
Portland 97201

January 23rd, 2014 at 8:00pm