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Late-Night Listener

Dear Andrea,

There are nights you keep me from my slumber because your music is so peaceful, healing, and so deeply appreciated.
After listening tonight to the last presidential debate it was a great relief to tune once again into your program. It’s like plugging into sanity.

Blessings to you. And many, many thanks for being there for us in the “early” late hours of the night.


Thursdays @ Three for Our Cultural Community

Dear Robert,

I wanted to thank you for Thursdays at Three, particularly the one with Cary Lewis. As a result of the show, we bought tickets to the Friday night concert in Astoria, and were thoroughly enchanted. I don’t know that we would have gone had we not heard your show.

Keep up with the lovely music. It makes a difference in our community and in our world—and the peace and joy it brings is sorely needed especially now. In a very powerful way, you and All Classical radio are making this world a better place.

In gratitude,

Recovering with All Classical


I want to thank you and Brandi for the role you played in my rehab from a stroke suffered in mid-April. When I was discharged from the hospital, I spent 87 days in an adult foster home. Unable to sleep most nights, I found KQAC. The classical music provided a much appreciated level of serenity during those sleepless nights and early mornings.

I’m home now (49 hours and counting!). The rehab continues but much progress has been made. Thanks again.

Tim (from Salem, Oregon)

Welcoming New Listeners to Classical Music

Dear all classical,

I am a 28 year old basketball player, and DJ, who used to rap professionally. I was raised on hip hop music and culture. I never listened to classical music. That is, until this December- when I stumbled upon your station and all the beautiful holiday music that was being played. During that time, I fell in love with both the music, and the hosts- the different personalities and music selections kept me engaged and captured my full attention. Today, almost 6 months later, not a day goes by when I don’t tune in. I’ve listened to your station while driving or in my home here in Portland- but also through your app while in Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., Tucson, Los Angeles, and many other places.

My father played the cello, harp, and piano- but I wasn’t raised by him and never understood it. Now, at the age he was when he had me, I’m beginning to fall deeply in love with this music. Thank you.


“Catching On”


As a virtually constant All Classical listener since 1998, I have gradually come to realize that someone FINALLY seems to have ‘gotten it’ — figured out how, in a practical and fiscally responsible way, to operate a station without all the commercial clutter; free from the endless subliminal alienation. What a fine concept: listeners free to enjoy a station not out to ‘seduce’ them on commercial interests’ behalf, but only to serve their interests in the uplifting cultural expressions a people not only enjoys but actually NEEDS. No wonder why All Classical listeners — like those friends of mine and I who lived in the world of advertising but remained insusceptible to its blandishments — keep coming back for more. At last — a business model with integrity; one in which one is free to believe. The results speak for themselves.

This is a genuinely viable business model. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to ‘catch on.’


Festival of Carols at All Classical

I just wanted to tell you that I am very much looking forward to the Festival of Carols coming up soon. Last year was the first I listened to quite a bit of the festival. I was especially taken with the variety of songs and languages, countries, instruments, performances.

The Musak approach to Christmas carols piped into stores, etc. quickly becomes oppressive with its mindless jangling. But all the beautiful voices and instruments playing unfamiliar carols was fascinating and quite moving in its endless range and worldwide view.

Thank you for opening my ears to new carols and old ones I love that are treated in different ways. It is a true enhancement of the season.


Please share this email with the staff at All Classical. I wanted to say how much I appreciate the WORK that goes into every year’s Festival of Carols, and this year’s program has been great, as always.This station nurtures, and yes, we love this music!

Very best wishes for a wonderful holiday to everyone at All Classical.


The Tilicam Brings Portland to Those Far Away

I can’t thank you enough for having the cam on the beautiful new bridge!
I was saddened when TriMet took down both of their cams. I was able to follow the bridge from day one. It was a wonderful experience. I also was able to see the Christmas Fleet and various other events. My first love is Portland, born and raised. Have lived in Los Angeles since May of 1990.
I can always see the weather from here! Again, thanks so much!

Also, the lighting and festivities that you sponsored were fabulous, too.
We came up for all of the events that week. My daughter’s birthday is the 12th of September. So, I thank you and TriMet for giving her the best birthday present!


I just wanted to say that I live in China right now and miss Portland so much. I tune in online and this morning discovered the Tili-cam. I left before it was opened and my girlfriend uses it everyday. Thank you so much for connecting me back to Portland and the people I love there. You are amazing!


Finding Solace in All Classical

Hi Christa,

Two weeks ago my husband and I started on a medical mission to Ethiopia, with the Reach Another Foundation. After arriving in Amsterdam for a week of training, my husband George had a massive stroke. We’ve been in Amsterdam for two weeks in the AMC Hospital, similar to OHSU. George is making progress.

Today the nurses asked us to play some music for him. I got my computer and found All Classical 89.9, and to my delight we could hear your voice and the beautiful music you all provide.

I just wanted you all to know you are now helping to support me and my husband as he recovers from this medical emergency. We will be here at least another week. So just know you will be listened to in Amsterdam.


Listening to Live Performances

Dear Robert,

My compliments to you and the crew (as regards Thursdays @ Three). Your miking and acoustics are excellent. Such a joy to listen. (Maybe I should mention that I wear dual hearing aids, so unfortunately, live performances are not what they once were for me.)

Recently I purchased a medium good “studio” headset to wear at work (to block out extraneous noise around my cubicle). I can hear most of the register w/o hearing aids (being careful with the volume, of course.) I can really hear a wonderful difference with your live performance. The ambiance is also there, in a way that digital recordings cannot capture.

Anyway, grateful kudos to all.


A Young Listener Weighs In

My daughter, Katie, has asked me, if we could email you and with strict direction, not to edit her writing! As she really wants you to know, that she wrote this. Not mommy!

Dear Mr. Stone,

My mommy and papa an me, we loves to listen to your radio shows, every weekend! My parents play music and papa, is goes on tours, once in awhile and plays his trumpet music, for peoples, who really like his shows. His papa, my Grampa Didier, would play trumpets with… What’s his name? Oh yeah, Louis Armstrong! Mommy and papa miss Paris – where papa has growns up. He says they could play their music, withouts hassles there… Do you know what he means? I don’t. I hope you has a good week, Mr. Stone, I can’t wait for your next show! My mommy says you are in Seattle next weekend. I am staying with my other my Gramma and Grampa, buts hopefully you’ll see my mommy!

Love, your friend Katie

We are, indeed, very blessed to have such a beautiful little girl, she is quite an angel. She listened, with such intense focus, to both shows, over the weekend! When the Saturday broadcast was finished, she had so many questions, that my head started spinning! I am told, that she is exactly like I was, at three – sometimes too inquisitive! I’m sure she would make quite the journalist!

Warm regards,

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