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My daughter, Katie, has asked me, if we could email you and with strict direction, not to edit her writing! As she really wants you to know, that she wrote this. Not mommy!

Dear Mr. Stone,

My mommy and papa an me, we loves to listen to your radio shows, every weekend! My parents play music and papa, is goes on tours, once in awhile and plays his trumpet music, for peoples, who really like his shows. His papa, my Grampa Didier, would play trumpets with… What’s his name? Oh yeah, Louis Armstrong! Mommy and papa miss Paris – where papa has growns up. He says they could play their music, withouts hassles there… Do you know what he means? I don’t. I hope you has a good week, Mr. Stone, I can’t wait for your next show! My mommy says you are in Seattle next weekend. I am staying with my other my Gramma and Grampa, buts hopefully you’ll see my mommy!

Love, your friend Katie

We are, indeed, very blessed to have such a beautiful little girl, she is quite an angel. She listened, with such intense focus, to both shows, over the weekend! When the Saturday broadcast was finished, she had so many questions, that my head started spinning! I am told, that she is exactly like I was, at three – sometimes too inquisitive! I’m sure she would make quite the journalist!

Warm regards,

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