Jack, I discovered my fondness for classical music as I discovered All Classical on my radio dial about 3 years ago. My love for this music and for all the hosts (especially Christa and Robert) on All Classical just seems to grow and grow. A couple of years ago I just had to become a sustaining donor because of my love and appreciation for you all and my love for the music.

I also want to pass along to you that I am finding that I love the times of the year when you all conduct your fundraisers (which surprised me). The reasons I even love these times is that I love the dialogue between the staff as they conduct these fundraisers along with the music and I love to hear the comments shared on the air from the donors. These fundraising seasons are rich for these reasons. I just had to share this because sometimes I think you folks think that these are “downers” or are “less than” the other times when there is a full schedule of music…at least that is some of the comments that the hosts made occasionally. But you do not have apologize at all for these fundraisers – they are very rich in their own right and you all do such a magnificent job during these times too. In fact I have never before heard such a wonderful ability to fundraise and make it so enjoyable and rich. Plus we all, I think, understand and know why these are necessary and support you in them just to keep All Classical on the air in great shape. But I am even finding that I look forward to the fundraisers for the reasons cited.

I just wanted to pass my comments along to you. Keep up the great work!


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