As a virtually constant All Classical listener since 1998, I have gradually come to realize that someone FINALLY seems to have ‘gotten it’ — figured out how, in a practical and fiscally responsible way, to operate a station without all the commercial clutter; free from the endless subliminal alienation. What a fine concept: listeners free to enjoy a station not out to ‘seduce’ them on commercial interests’ behalf, but only to serve their interests in the uplifting cultural expressions a people not only enjoys but actually NEEDS. No wonder why All Classical listeners — like those friends of mine and I who lived in the world of advertising but remained insusceptible to its blandishments — keep coming back for more. At last — a business model with integrity; one in which one is free to believe. The results speak for themselves.

This is a genuinely viable business model. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to ‘catch on.’