You might remember us from last year. I was the 5th grade teacher at Tualatin Valley Academy. We listen to you every morning. I am happy to have the same students this year in 6th grade. They continue to enjoy All Classical and have decided to donate some of their class money to support the music. I’m going to call in a donation of $35 in a few minutes, but I’d like to send a personal note to let you know what the kids are saying.

Here are comments they made:
“It’s nice coming into the classroom with classical music playing”
“Classical music helps your brain”
“I like classical music; it’s my favorite music”
“It’s soothing”  (apparently not thinking of the William Tell Overture) “It helps you keep your focus”  (sometimes we listen during quiet work time) “It calms your mind”
“Classical music makes you happy”

-The 6th Grade class of Tualatin Valley Academy, teacher – Barbara Houghton