I just wanted to tell you that I am very much looking forward to the Festival of Carols coming up soon. Last year was the first I listened to quite a bit of the festival. I was especially taken with the variety of songs and languages, countries, instruments, performances.

The Musak approach to Christmas carols piped into stores, etc. quickly becomes oppressive with its mindless jangling. But all the beautiful voices and instruments playing unfamiliar carols was fascinating and quite moving in its endless range and worldwide view.

Thank you for opening my ears to new carols and old ones I love that are treated in different ways. It is a true enhancement of the season.


Please share this email with the staff at All Classical. I wanted to say how much I appreciate the WORK that goes into every year’s Festival of Carols, and this year’s program has been great, as always.This station nurtures, and yes, we love this music!

Very best wishes for a wonderful holiday to everyone at All Classical.