December 17, 2018

Reachable Anywhere, At Any Time

For me (and many others): All Classical Portland is the best Classical radio station, with lovable and well educated hosts, having special programs, playing 24 hours daily, reachable worldwide online.


The Healing Channel

You are my “Healing Channel”. I experienced a life changing accident with emergency surgery and a long recovery and it is your music and soothing voices which have kept me going. I use it to meditate and deep breathe. It has helped so much in my recovery. Trust me at 2 AM when the eyes will not close this music changes things. Thank You for being there and the terrific job you all do.


Making All Classical Part of the Commute

Hey, my name is Andrew P. and I moved to Portland from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last year. Every day I drive from Oregon City to work in North Portland and found All Classical last winter. I literally have not changed the station since. I love all of the early instrumental music (particularly Scandinavian) you play, but everything played hits my emotions and gives me joy everyday. Recently you played Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” suite, which I had never heard of. Thank you for that, because it’s like a John Williams or Hans Zimmer score for the solar system. I love the station and the hard work you put in, and soon I will be pledging to show some support.

Thanks, and have a good one!

Honoring a Fine Interview by Christa

Good morning Christa~

I just turned on the radio and heard your mellifluous voice. It reminded me that I had made a resolve to make a small donation to the station (My husband and I have been sustainers for years).

The reason I belatedly sent in the extra donation today is this: I attended the pre-concert talk last month at which you interviewed Vadim Gluzman. You were amazing, so thoughtful, intelligent and nimble. I was very impressed and decided that I wanted to honor that fine interview. So thank you Christa for your many contributions to the station and cultural life of this community.

With best wishes,

The “Symphony of aircraft and passengers coming and going…”

As an Airport Operations Supervisor at PDX currently working the night shift, listening to your station in the background while overseeing the symphony of aircraft and passengers coming and going is very pleasant. Thank you for the beautiful music in the middle of the night.


A Thank-You from Wenatchee

We live up in Wenatchee, WA and just wanted to say that we SO appreciate your programming!!! Your music makes every day enjoyable.
Each host is well versed and their sharing about selections played is always educational and entertaining.


Classical Collaborations

Last week, I was driving in the car with my twin two year-old sons in the backseat (you probably get that a lot), and turned to your station in response to my sons’ request for music.  A piece by Kronos quartet in collaboration with a Ghanaian drummer was just being announced, and I felt very serendipitously pleased, because I’m a fan of Kronos Quartet but not of driving. While enjoying the piece, I reflected that it’s not often that you get to hear pretty much anything from anywhere on the content of Africa on one’s classical music station. I began to feel very proud of you.

After the piece, when the drummer was identified (I believe) as Obo Addy whose local organization I’ve come into contact with now and then, I did a little “I love Portland” dance while driving down the road. So, thank you for being awesome!

Best Wishes,

“Old Man River” at Thursdays @ Three

Have listened for years, cherished every moment, consider each of you as extended family, but today’s Thursday at Three was beyond belief! I raced home to hear “Old Man River” (love a good bass). However, how to choose a favorite? As always, so well done from every aspect. Thank you, All Classical! Thank You!


Listening to The Score

Dear all,

Just a word to say that I listened to The Score CD this afternoon, and want to congratulate everyone on a fine product.  Music, of course, has the ability to take us back to a place and time, and I thoroughly enjoyed my journey down memory lane as I listened to these familiar scores.

All my best,