January 23, 2018

Serenity During a Pet’s Passing

Dear Mr Burk –

Thank you for the programming last night between the 6-8 hours.  My beloved Siamese kitty passed away last night in the 7P hour and your serene selection was very peaceful.  Thank you so much.


Classical Music Playing in Classroom

You might remember us from last year. I was the 5th grade teacher at Tualatin Valley Academy. We listen to you every morning. I am happy to have the same students this year in 6th grade. They continue to enjoy All Classical and have decided to donate some of their class money to support the music. I’m going to call in a donation of $35 in a few minutes, but I’d like to send a personal note to let you know what the kids are saying.

Here are comments they made:
“It’s nice coming into the classroom with classical music playing”
“Classical music helps your brain”
“I like classical music; it’s my favorite music”
“It’s soothing”  (apparently not thinking of the William Tell Overture) “It helps you keep your focus”  (sometimes we listen during quiet work time) “It calms your mind”
“Classical music makes you happy”

-The 6th Grade class of Tualatin Valley Academy, teacher – Barbara Houghton

Appreciate Christa Wessel’s and Robert McBride’s Interviews

I’ve just listened to Christa Wessel’s interview of Talia Dugan, and I want to thank her for the truly outstanding interview, filled with such sympathetic and joyful appreciation and understanding and drawing out this lovely young woman in a delightful way. I also want to give (if possible) even more thanks for the interview last Thursday (I think) of Paul Roberts by Robert McBride. I hope I speak for many when I say that such intelligent, informed and lively presentations are incredibly valuable – especially since they are so rare in public discourse these days.  – Juliet

Music is the Food of Love

It is a pleasure to send my heartfelt thanks for playing tonight Tomas Svoboda’s “Overture of the Season.” It was beautiful, it was timely, it felt like our Oregonian proof that music is the food of love. With music on the air the dance of hours is all delightful. Or is it all classical? – Anna

Listening in Port Au Prince

I listen to all classical day and night in Portland, today I am in Port Au Prince, Haiti listening to my station!!!   Wonderful and a bit of cheer for a place so badly damaged by the earthquake. – Robert

Beautiful Holiday Season Music

We listen to the beautiful music you guys are providing this holiday season while I help my grand-daughters decorate our gingerbread cookies, a Christmas tradition at Nonna’s house!

Thanks for the music which takes some of the seasonal stress away!!! – Manu

The Festival of the Carols is a Real Gift

Every year the Festival of the Carols has a very calming effect on Christmas. We enjoy listening to the music from all over the world. By nature, Christmas is a stressful time for many families; with my family, we have to deal with additional stressors; Autism/Aspergers are part of our family life. All Classical brings a calm to the season and helps bring back the “reason for the season”.  The Festival of the Carols is a real gift for us and it is priceless; which is part of the reason I am a Sustaining member. I never want the music to stop. Thank You for your music planning, it makes a difference.  – Rose

Listened from Patagonia

My husband and I just returned from an 11 day trip to Patagonia which is rather remote and isolated. In the evenings in our hotel room, we enjoyed the music of All Classical on my iPad or iPhone. It was a wonderful way to relax and keep in touch with our home base in Portland! We didn’t feel quite so “far away.”

Thank you for making this service possible.  -Linda

Wrapping Presents and Listening to My Favorite Station

As I was wrapping presents and listening to my favorite station, I thought I’d just take a moment to say “Thank You!!!” not just for the beautiful Christmas music, but for what you give us all year long.  You are part of the family, even if you’ve never met us.    -Bruce and Robyn

First Year as a Sustaining Member

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that this is my first year as a sustaining member and my first year of listening to the Festival of Carols. It has transformed my Christmas. Thanks!  -Teri