September 26, 2017

Thank You

Thank you for so many things; music, quality, and some humor now and then.  -Richard

Another spectacular “Thursday At Three”!!

My congratulations on another great afternoon mini-concert! I love the Schubert Op. 163 Cello Quintet and the Dover Quintet did a marvelous reading.  These concerts and the continued excellent regular programming have moved KQAC to the top of the pantheon of great classical music stations, bar none (and I’ve heard them all over the world!). Keep up the great work.     –Timothy

Thursdays@Three is a marvelous program

I must admit that a couple of weeks ago I about fell out of my chair when “Bernadette Peters” began singing in Pig-Latin [on Thursdays@Three]. You can’t make this stuff up, and you certainly can’t hear it anywhere else on the radio.

Thursdays@Three is a marvelous program, a grand-slam home run AND a 99-yard touchdown run-back on the kick-off. Are there Emmys for music performance programs on non-profit radio?  If Virgil Thompson could get a Pulitzer Prize for a movie score (Louisiana Story), surely All Classical could get one for Thursdays@Three (we wish!).    –Rick

Appreciate Manzanita Tower

Again thanks for all that you at All Classical are doing.  My vacation house in Twin Rocks at the coast has become a little paradise since the Manzanita tower went up. -Dennis

Not all stations are equal

Just a quick note to say something that I’ve wanted to pass on for some time.  Having travelled around the western states over the last years and searched out the classical stations, I have found that not all stations are equal. It has become clear that the music selection and the quality of personnel at KQAC is far above others that I have heard.  In the same way, I didn’t realize how special Portland is until I spent time in LA and Phoenix. Life is indeed good. Thank you for your significant part in our life here. Yes, I believe my membership is current. –Brent

Couldn’t Be More Grateful

I came home after a Long day of seeing clients who are struggling with depression and addiction.  And I leave my radio on for my cats to your station.  I just got off of work tonight, right when you started playing Gorecki’s Symphone No. 3 in it’s entirety.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  I Love this song and to come home after today to it – I am thankful. In caring, –Kellyjoy

Christmas Baking Music

Just busy on baking Christmas cookies – and your broadcast gives a perfect background for this job! Many thanks from Thailand. –Wolfgan

Appreciates All Classical Portland

Yes, indeed, I do appreciate your station, your calendar and your e-letter. All of these reflect the pride you take in your work.  Keep it up.  Get rich if you can.  And keep on doing what you do so well. –Richard in Portland

Peter and the Wolf, Flashback

Thank you for playing Peter and the Wolf!  Made me stop and pull out the old LP I listened to as a child with this on side A and Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc., on side B! Great hearing this again! –Steph

Listens to WQXR, KING, WGBH and now KQAC

I live in the Boston area, and through the internet have the option of listening to a number of fine all-classical, commercial-free stations. WQXR in New York, KING from Seattle, and our own WGBH are three of my favorites. The first time I dialed up KQAC was approximately a month ago, and now I find myself, increasingly, a listener. I have not as yet dissected the reasons for its appeal, except there is a freshness to the programming with a tone that manages to be serious without being pretentious. Whatever you are doing right, I hope it continues. –Bill