I can’t thank you enough for having the cam on the beautiful new bridge!
I was saddened when TriMet took down both of their cams. I was able to follow the bridge from day one. It was a wonderful experience. I also was able to see the Christmas Fleet and various other events. My first love is Portland, born and raised. Have lived in Los Angeles since May of 1990.
I can always see the weather from here! Again, thanks so much!

Also, the lighting and festivities that you sponsored were fabulous, too.
We came up for all of the events that week. My daughter’s birthday is the 12th of September. So, I thank you and TriMet for giving her the best birthday present!


I just wanted to say that I live in China right now and miss Portland so much. I tune in online and this morning discovered the Tili-cam. I left before it was opened and my girlfriend uses it everyday. Thank you so much for connecting me back to Portland and the people I love there. You are amazing!