January 19, 2018

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Webcast #222 – 2017

Posted February 25, 2017 by D. K. Holm


It’s the big award weekend, with few new movies opening, but the team samples My Life as a Zucchini, and several films in the last few days of the Portland International Film Festival, including Death in Sarajevo, Rara, Staying Vertical, and The Autopsy of Jane Doe, before moving on to predictions for the big event on… More

The Case of Mildred Pierce

Posted February 18, 2017 by D. K. Holm

Mildred Pierce DVD Box Cover

If the old saw is true – that there are no bad films noirs, or to translate it, every film noir has something interesting about it – then Mildred Pierce is a weird nexus of a lot of issues that cling to the genre (if it is a genre, which is just one of those… More

Webcast #221 – 2017

Posted February 17, 2017 by D. K. Holm

PIFF 40 logo

The full team (Ed, Marc, Mona, DKH, and Jordan) are on hand to go over new releases such as Fist Fight, The Great Wall, and several PIFF films including The Death of Louis XIV, The Eyes of My Mother, Sieranevada, and more.

PIFF 2017, Part One

Posted February 15, 2017 by D. K. Holm

PIFF 40 logo

That annual cinematic onslaught called the Portland International Film Festival is upon us, and though no reviewer asks for pity, nor is anyone likely to grant it, at over 160 features and short films, it’s an awful lot to cover. Every year I vow that I am going to give top coverage, and every year… More

Webcast #220 – 2017

Posted February 10, 2017 by D. K. Holm

PIFF 40 logo

This weekend sees the beginning of the 40th year of Portland International Film Festival screenings, and the assembled reviewers (Mona, Marc, and DKH), cover some of the horror shorts, the PIFF After Dark weekend at the Baghdad, and such other  titles as Graduation, Austerlitz, Life + 1 Day, The Teacher, and others. Also on hand on John Wick Chapter… More

Link to an article on Audio Commentary Tracks

Posted February 9, 2017 by D. K. Holm

One of the great features of DVDs were the audio commentary tracks in which stars, scholars, or others would walk the viewer through the film. This week, I’ve got an article on the decline of the audio commentary track posted at Crooked Scoreboard, which should provide some options for educational listening.

Webcast #219 – 2017

Posted February 3, 2017 by D. K. Holm

Posters for this week's films

This week, the group covers two compatible films from the Reel Music program of documentaries, I am the Blues and Mose Allison Ever Since I Stole the Blues, plus the end of life drama Youth in Oregon.  Also on hand is I Am Not Your Negro, a documentary or essay film on James Baldwin, which opens… More

Webcast #218 – 2017

Posted January 27, 2017 by D. K. Holm

Neruda and A Dog's Purpose Posters

This week, the team welcomes producer Jordan Lewis in the booth to discuss A Dog’s Purpose, followed by reviews of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Neruda, and ending with our ten bests and worsts.

On the Aisle Update

Posted January 21, 2017 by D. K. Holm

Crooked Scoreboard on why movies are still better than TV

No oodcast again this week, due to weather and flu. But everyone is feeling better, and there will be a program posted next Friday, the annual best-worst list, and some Reel Music picks. Until then, here is a link to D. K. Holm on why movies are still better than television. Feel free to  leave a… More

Webcast #217 – 2017

Posted January 6, 2017 by D. K. Holm

This week the team (Ed, Mona, DKH) discuss Martin Scorsese’s long-planned project Silence, based on a Japanese novel about priests in Japan; Prison in Twelve Landscapes, a documentary about the unpredicted effects of the prison system on society; A German Youth, a compilation film of TV and movie footage about radical filmmakers and the Bader-Meinhof… More

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