A Korean cellist in Paris (Hee-Young Lim plays French cello concertos)

This is the debut disc by Hee-Young Lim, a Korean-born cellist who started her path in music in her parents’ living room. A neighbor brought over a cello that wasn’t being used, and it remained unplayed until one of Hee-Young’s friends showed interest in it. Hee-Young determined that she would play that cello.

Her years living in Paris inspired her to make her debut of French concertos. Besides the expected Saint-Saens and Lalo, Lim surprises with the somewhat jazzy Concerto No. 1 by Darius Milhaud. This, coupled with her appointment as the first Korean professor at the Beijing Academy, make this an auspicious debut for this gifted cellist.

French Cello Concertos – Hee-Young Lim