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Mona Bowen is a makeup artist, health coach, beauty maven, and lifelong movie fanatic who is still inordinately proud of the fact that  25 years ago she beat a bona fide film person at Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen Edition.  She writes about beauty and health at and posts about all the other oddities and shiny things that interest her at “The Compendium of Miss Elany” at, or she would, if she remembered more often.  She has been a jewelry designer, high school teacher, artist’s assistant to a big deal artist, bartender, and weightlifting coach among other pursuits.  Over the years, many friends have urged her to become a film critic, encouragement they may now regret, but she’s having a grand time discussing the latest movies with her KQAC posse.  Mona is not completely sure why the “On The Aisle” group let her in the door either, but she’s very pleased to be here.

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After Earth – A Better Movie Brought To You By Ron Hubbard Than…

Posted June 1, 2013 by Mona Bowen

Battlefield Earth, but that’s not saying much.  M. Night must have had a metronome by him as he was sitting in the director’s chair, because he sure hit all the beats you would expect in a sci-fi-estranged-father-son-catharthis-aspiring-to-be-epic movie.  Yawn.  Perhaps it’s because Will Smith seems to have checked his personality at the sound-stage door, he’s… More