Posted on May 12, 2020

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What is Art Song? Who invented the piano? Who actually composed that one particular “Ave Maria”? These are all great questions, and we know you have some of your own! Now you can Ask Emma!

Emma Riggle, All Classical Portland’s very own Music Researcher, is here to answer your questions about classical music, composers, instruments, artistic traditions, music history, and more. You’ll hear from Emma on All Classical Portland’s Instagram on an ongoing basis, and we can’t wait to hear what you’re curious about! Submit your questions through the form below, and be sure to follow @AllClassicalPortland on Instagram for Ask Emma.

About Emma Riggle: Emma hails from Pennsylvania and Ohio, where she earned degrees in voice and music history. Emma taught university courses in voice and music appreciation before venturing west to the gloriously arts-filled city of Portland. When not busy researching, you’re likely to find Emma singing and playing early music, or reading and painting in the cozy home she shares with her husband Nathaniel and two spunky rabbits.