Posted on September 2, 2020

Greg Olson

As far as All Classical Portland is concerned, Greg Olson is a true community hero. As President and owner of Olson & Jones Construction, he takes to heart that which they instill in everything they build: Honesty. Caring. Community.

Listen to Greg Olson’s interview with Suzanne Nance on Where We Live, originally broadcast on September 12th, 2020.

In a conversation with Christa Wessel, he talked about what inspired his decision to once again partner with All Classical Portland, and also the guiding forces behind his company’s philosophy:

“The music is lovely, there’s something about it and nothing else could replace it… And it’s nice to be a part of bringing wonderful, lovely music into people’s homes and into people’s lives. I really appreciate it… At Olson & Jones – we want to be known by three words. Our goal is that as we are helping our clients, at the end of the day they would describe their experience with us as honest and caring – and with that comes community. We talk about this all the time at the company, and it helps us make decisions each day. We talk about if we’re going to do this thing, or that thing, well this is going to be more caring for them, this is the more honest thing to do – it guides a lot of our decisions.”

What a great guy! Learn more at the Olson & Jones website.

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