Posted on September 17, 2019

Pacific University Bachelor of Music Therapy

Pacific University’s Bachelor of Music Therapy (MT) program prepares students to enter an established and fast-growing healthcare and human services profession — Music Therapy, which uses music as a vehicle to improve quality of life, optimize health and wellness, and address the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses.

With MT positions growing at a rate exceeding the number of new music therapists entering the profession, MT is considered one of the best careers in today’s job market. Currently, there are more than 8,000 professionals in the U.S. and over 17,000 professionals in the MT field worldwide, and enrollment in Pacific’s MT program has grown from five students to over 50 students in just five years.

Pacific University’s Department of Music, accredited by the National Association of Music, offers rigorous coursework and performance opportunities as well as extensive, authentic field experiences unique to chosen specialties. Each music student becomes well-rounded as 1) a musician, 2) an effective specialist, and 3) an engaged professional through Department courses. At the same time, participation in performance opportunities and eligibility for talent scholarships in music are not limited to music majors or minors but are available to all Pacific students, reflecting Pacific’s commitment to nurturing supportive, interdisciplinary relationships.

The Pacific University MT program is a rigorous five-year course, accredited by the American Music Therapy Association, with requirements that ultimately prepare students to receive national certification as MTs. Students develop required proficiency in voice, piano, guitar, and percussion, and may participate in a wide range of University ensembles to hone their skills. They also develop entry-level competencies in psychology, neuroscience, anatomy, and health care practice, to then apply music in a focused and concentrated manner that will enhance others’ physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functioning.

As well as gaining 180 hours of clinical experience with three to four populations in up to 20 clinical sites throughout the Forest Grove and greater Portland area, before graduating, MT students will also acquire 1,020 hours of practical experience alongside a board-certified professional music therapist in an internship setting.

To learn more about Pacific University’s Department of Music and the Bachelor of Music Therapy program, visit the PU Department of Music website.

group of people sit and stand with musical instruments

Welcome to the Pacific University Music Therapy Club! Get PUMT!

person in purple shirt play the drum while using a music shaker

Music therapy student Jonathan Galeana plays and egg shaker and tubano drum as part of a drum circle.

woman in black shirt holds a yellow ball in a classroom

Music therapy faculty member, Brea Murakami, explains the clinical rationale for a drumming intervention.

person with blue hair leads a group

President of the PUMT Club, Page Davidson, leads a drumming game that increases social cohesion.