Posted on September 16, 2020

Composer Judy Rose Composer Judy Rose; Image courtesy of Artist Trust

”Evil can’t win unless you let it…but sometimes I forget that I am strong beyond all measure…ain’t no trouble comin’ over me.” – A Jubilant Day by Judy Rose

With these words, conductor Dr. Scott Tuomi and the Pacific University Chamber Singers knew they had found the right song to share with a world reeling from a pandemic. As choirs were adjusting to singing at a time when people could not physically be together, the Chamber Singers took it as an opportunity to explore a new way of connecting. Working directly with local composer Judy Rose, Dr. Tuomi and the choir produced a video performance of her song, A Jubilant Day. Judy said the way to sing her spiritual is to “sing it the best way you can, with all of your heart.” Watch the video below to see the choir do just that!

About Judy Rose:
As a child, Judy A. Rose grew up listening and singing black spirituals and gospel music at a Baptist Church in West Virginia. Music was a way to transcend the troubles and challenges of growing up in a poor black community. Adopted as young child, she moved to California and her adopted family eventually relocated to Oregon. Her adopted mother taught her how to play the piano and exposed her to many musical genres. In middle school, high school, and college, valuable musical mentors provided musical leadership opportunities. Judy earned a B.S. and M.Ed in Music Education from Portland State University. She has worked for Portland Public Schools (Oregon) as a Music Teacher since 2000. Judy is an active music director, accompanist, and singer in the Vancouver, WA/Portland Metro area.

A Jubilant Day by Judy Rose Performed by Pacific University Chamber Singers - Dr. Scott Tuomi, conductor