Posted on September 30, 2019

Portland Threshold Choir

Threshold Choir began as an idea in June 1990, when founder Kate Munger discovered a deep sense of comfort in singing to her friend Larry as he reached the end of his battle with HIV/AIDs. In the following years, Munger assembled the first Threshold Choir, a nonprofit choral organization that serves those who are currently crossing life’s various thresholds, including birth, death, sickness, struggle, change, celebration, and other personal transitions.

The first Threshold Choir sang for the first time on March 21st, 2000 in El Cerrito, California. By 2012, the choir had grown from two chapters California, to about 100 chapters worldwide. Each choir is made of volunteers who sing, with compassion and respect, to those experiencing new life events. Today, Threshold Choir has more than 150 chapters and receives increasing professional and academic recognition of the significance of its work, both locally and internationally.

The Portland Threshold Choir members sing upon invitation in groups of two or three in private homes, care facilities, and hospitals in Portland, Oregon. Larger groups of singers are available to be present at contemplative events. By singing songs that correspond with the musical tastes, spiritual traditions, and needs of those served, Portland Threshold Choir offers presence, care, and support with messages of love, strength, comfort, healing, peace, and joy. Portland Threshold Choir gives the gift of companionship and song at no charge, regardless of political, social, or economic standing. The organization is actively committed to using its kind voices and loving presence to support all humans on life’s winding paths.

To request singers or to visit a rehearsal of the Portland Threshold Choir, call (971) 217 – 6071 or email

people sing to someone lying in a chair

Singers from Portland Threshold Choir sing to one of their fellow singers following a retreat. Photo by Jaybird Daimei Devi.