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Posted on September 9, 2020

This year during our fall fundraiser, we are highlighting the ways that Music Connects us. You can support the music you love by contributing to All Classical Portland during our Music Connects fundraiser: make a gift online or call 1-888-899-5722!

On Wednesday, September 9th, All Classical Portland temporarily suspended our on-air fundraiser. Please read on for a message from President & CEO Suzanne Nance to learn more. Although we aren’t asking for support on the radio right now, we do still need you to connect with us, and help raise the funds necessary to continue this service. Your gift in any amount will make a difference. Thank you for your support!

Hear a special message from Suzanne Nance about our Fall Fundraiser:

DONATE BY PHONE: 1-888-899-5722
DONATE BY MAIL: All Classical Portland, 211 SE Caruthers St. Suite 200, Portland, OR 97214

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Music Connects is generously sponsored by Olson & Jones Constructionhelping to make programs like The State of the Arts and All Classical Portland’s brand-new series, Fall into the Arts: A Radio Festival of Local Performances possible, connecting you to local musicians and composers. Olson & Jones Construction – Building homes. Building community. Olson & Jones has been pursuing quality construction and exceptional customer service for over 35 years. Honesty, Caring, Community.


September 9, 2020

Dear friends,

Right now we are experiencing a once-in-a-generation wind storm, combined with extremely dangerous wildfires in many areas across the Pacific Northwest.

We believe that you must remain well-informed about these events and aware of your surroundings. We also wholeheartedly believe that you should have a place of solace to turn to as we continue to face unrelenting and unprecedented challenges.

I have made the difficult decision to once again suspend an All Classical Portland on-air fundraiser. The overall goal for this Music Connects fall fundraiser is $360,000. As of this morning, we’ve raised $51,216. We are on our way, but we are taking a detour. As you know, life is full of detours.

When we suspended our Spring fundraiser at the outset of COVID-19 in March, it was your safety, emotionally and physically, that were most important. That remains true today. You are the reason we get up in the morning, fix towers in the middle of the night, interview our local artists and musicians, get new recordings, and share the music around the clock. You are the reason we exist. And if your safety is compromised, so is ours.

Even though the past 6 months have tested us in every way possible, we are resilient. We are strong. This community has built many things together with innovation, creativity, and the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

We only exist with community support. Thank you. Sharing our link on social media, and letting folks know they can listen and find a place of calm here at All Classical Portland is helpful at this time. If you are safe and able to contribute at this time, and can make a gift right now at, we surely could use your help.

Thank you for your support. Please take care of yourself and look after your neighbors, friends, and family. We will be here for you in the days ahead. And I know that you will be here with us too.

With gratitude,
Suzanne Nance
President & CEO
All Classical Portland