Love fest Concert

January 17, 2019

Posted on August 16, 2018

The Light Opera of Portland in keeping with their custom of Absurdity done in Complete Sincerity will present Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado in September. The Mikado opened on the London stage in 1885 and immediately became a world sensation. Before the end of 1885, it was estimated that, in Europe and America, at least 150 companies were producing the opera. What’s more though is that LOoP has decided to go with Gilbert’s original intention and to present it in a distant, far-distant locale. Theirs is the small planet of Pitiyu in the constellation of Zhartan that disguises his satire of British government. It is the traditional classic comic opera that has tickled the funny bone of audiences for 133 years. Come enjoy the beautiful Sullivan melodies sung by the fabulous voices of LOoP and laugh your way through this hysterically funny comedy in its new distant and far-distant setting. More information on the Light Opera of Portland website.