December 17, 2018

Posted on January 6, 2018

Recently on Thursdays @ Three, host Christa Wessel featured performer and composer Naomi LaViolette who made national news for her Saving His Music project. Naomi worked with composer Steven Goodwin to transcribe and create a record of his compositions, previously filed away in Steven’s memory, before they were lost to Alzheimer’s. Dr. Larry Sherman, a neuroscientist at OHSU (and musician as well), shared his research and experience on the show as a frequent lecturer on the topic of music and the brain.  This show was fascinating, and received much interest from our listeners:

“I just wanted to say how moved I was listening to yesterday’s Thursday’s at Three.   I’ve been listening to these afternoon concerts while working away at my desk since their beginning several years ago.  And yet, the performance yesterday ranks up there with the best (it’s so cool that it was all local Portland talent!).   It was a wonderful example of how music forms us as humans and is so critical to our well-being…Thanks for being in our life.” – Eric

As supplemental material to this thought-provoking episode, visit the Beyond the Music Blog for a series of informative posts about music and the brain. Additionally, check out Dr. Sherman’s work, “Every Brain Needs Music,” a collaborative project with the Portland Chamber Orchestra. This research explores the origins of music and how music can affect the structure and function of the brain during development and throughout life.

 Listen to the episode in the All Classical Portland Audio Archive any time before 3pm on January 28th!

Dr. Larry Sherman will be giving the following upcoming presentations:

  • February 14 at the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver:  “The Neuroscience of Pleasure and Love”
  • February 24 at TEDx, Portland State: “Communicating About Science to a Public Skeptical About Science”
  • February 28 at the Aladdin Theater: “The Neuroscience of Music” (with live music)

Naomi LaViolette will be at the Benson Hotel Saturday, January 13, 8:30pm – midnight, and at Oswego Hills Vineyard on February 11.  She is also the accompanist for the Oregon Repertory Singers.