March 18, 2018


Suzanne Nance

Photo: Suzanne Nance
President & CEO

My career in broadcasting began at WHYY in Philadelphia when a Pennsylvania Dutch couple showed up for a TV interview and the originally planned host of the program did not! The rest, (as they say) is history. I love music. I love sharing music. I love hearing others share music. And I love radio.

I've had the opportunity to work on dozens of radio and TV programs and documentaries. In Maine, at MPBN, I created the Emmy-award winning series MaineArts! and an audio diary series: Music that Moves ME. Recently, I've been busy sharing opera around the world as co-producer and host of Lyric Opera of Chicago's internationally syndicated broadcast series through the WFMT Network, and co-producing and hosting Grant Park Music Festival's broadcasts featuring Oregon Symphony's esteemed Music Director Carlos Kalmar!

When I’m not on the air, I'm usually singing or lecturing about the power of music, the benefits of arts education and the importance of supporting cultural economy.

I'm thrilled to be at All Classical. The beauty of the city and its surroundings, its extraordinary people, the talented artists that create here, and the food scene were calling my name. All of that coupled with the outstanding people that make All Classical so special made Portland an irresistible place to call home.

"Queen of Classical" and the "Anti-diva" are titles that certainly make me smile, however, I most enjoy being identified as a trusted friend by fellow music lovers and listeners. "We love this music," indeed.


Andrea Rennie

Photo: Andrea Rennie
Chief Operating Officer

Now in my eleventh year with All Classical Portland, I am excited to be in a new role at the station after completing my MBA in Nonprofit Management at the University of Portland (go Pilots!). My career in not-for-profit, independent classical radio started because of my roots as a violist and percussionist, which lead to a desire to preserve and grow our country’s arts institutions by expanding my knowledge of the business side of music. My role at All Classical Portland allows me to have my finger on the pulse of everything we’re working on. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work and learn about the art of radio, management, fundraising and leadership from the best in the biz. I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, raised in Olympia, WA and a graduate of Washington State University (go Cougs!) with an undergraduate degree in Music Business.


McLane Harrington

Photo: McLane Harrington
Office Manager

After graduating from Lewis & Clark College in May 2015, I was very excited to join the All Classical Portland team. I received my degree in International Affairs and Music (flute performance). Though originally from Texas, I am a native of the pacific Northwest and hail from Vashon Island, Washington. My love for music began at a very young age. I fondly remember listening to The Phantom of the Opera and Beethoven cassette tapes in the car. My life as a musician began when my mother gave me a flute for Christmas when I was 8, and ever since then playing music has been my greatest outlet and my favorite pastime. I have played in wind bands and orchestras since grade school and am happy to have the opportunity to continue playing in the Portland area and to be a part of the music community. My interests outside of music are largely related to international relations, sustainable development, and environmental stewardship. In my spare time I enjoy reading, camping, baking, and traveling - and of course, playing music!


Community Engagement

Amelia Lukas

Photo: Amelia Lukas
Director of Community Engagement

A new transplant to Rose City from Brooklyn, I am thrilled to represent All Classical Portland as Director of Community Engagement. In this role, I cultivate deeper, stronger relationships with listeners and partners to foster greater meaning and impact for our wonderful programming. I also produce events through Ear Heart Music, which I founded in 2009. Ear Heart features live chamber music in the context of multimedia collaboration. I enjoy serving on the Board of Directors for The Walden School, a summer program for creative musicians, and previously as a member of the promotion department for music publisher G. Schirmer. I have received degrees in flute performance from the Manhattan School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London; recent performances include appearances at distinguished New York City venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Bargemusic, as well as downtown hotspots like (Le) Poisson Rouge and The Stone. Although I’m Boston born and have spent time in Europe, San Francisco, and the Big Apple, my great appreciation for delicious local wine, year-round skiing, and artisanal everything leads me to believe I have found a perfect long-term home in Portland.


Katherine Lefever

Photo: Katherine Lefever
Director of Donor Engagement

I joined the All Classical Portland team in the fall of 2008, after brief stints at Friends of Chamber Music, the Portland International Piano Festival and the Work for Art Program at the Regional Arts & Cultural Council. My enthusiasm for All Classical Portland’s mission stems from my background in choral and vocal performance. In 2007 I attained a BA from Reed College in music history. Currently I sing soprano in the Portland Symphonic Choir, along with serving on their Board of Directors. When not working or practicing, I enjoy gardening, baking, karaoke, and hearing live music around town. I live in SE Portland with my cat, Squid.


Arianna Avena

Photo: Arianna Avena
Donor Engagement Coordinator & JOY Program Director

Classical music has been the focus of my work and passion since I was given the opportunity to study cello at a young age through a free arts education program in northern California. Having experienced the transformational power of the arts in my own life, I’ve dedicated my career to providing the same for others.

When not working, I’m wandering through thrift stores, listening to classic hip hop, grabbing a bite at the food carts and spending time with my family.


Dale Tolliver

Photo: Dale Tolliver
Volunteer Coordinator

I’ve loved this station for many years, and am proud and delighted to have been invited to join its staff. Professionally, I wear two hats: One is that of a veteran professional musician. The other is that of a seasoned administrative manager and customer service specialist. OK, I lied – it’s only one hat. Music preparation and performance need simultaneous attention to detail and to the “big picture” of the whole work. Applied with a slightly different brush, such attention works just fine in non-musical applications, too. In either context, my goal – my passion - is to ensure that my fellow travelers know we’re all part of something pretty great. It is an honor to work with our stellar team of dedicated volunteers. When not at the station or performing around town, I’m happiest at home, exploring new adventures in the kitchen.



Warren Black

Photo: Warren Black

When I visited Portland for the first time I decided that I wanted to live here. It would take about 15 years before I pulled it off. Similarly, I first got involved in radio (a four-hour classical shift twice a week) during my freshman year of college in my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It really was a blast but almost two decades would pass before I returned to radio, joining the staff of KCUR (the NPR affiliate in Kansas City) as an announcer and producer.

During those two overlapping intervals, I managed to cover a lot of ground: working as a writer, editor, actor and voice over artist in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Seattle. One recurring theme throughout that time, and my life in general, has been music, whether I was participating in it as a singer, writing about it, or appreciating it from the audience.

The world can be a crazy mixed up place, but with luck you arrive where you're supposed to be. And I do feel very lucky to be able to work with radio heroes of mine at All Classical Portland, an outstanding broadcast service in a great city.


John Burk

Photo: John Burk
Senior Announcer

I listened to radio a lot when I was a kid. I used to announce my parents’ 78s and 45s and I would read news magazines out loud, trying to sound like John Cameron Swayze. Then my Great Aunt Inez moved to Ireland and gave me her classical LPs. When I was a student at Northern Michigan University, the kid who did the evening classical show on the college station graduated, and I got drafted to replace him because everyone had heard that opera stuff coming out of my dorm room. Years later, when my son was grown, I realized I had the freedom to move anywhere in the world I wanted. I came to Portland right away. I feel that All Classical Portland is where I’m supposed to be.


Ed Goldberg

Photo: Ed Goldberg

I was born in the Bronx and grew up in New York City and Long Island. I lived in Washington, D.C. for 18 years before moving to Portland with my wife in 1991. Music has always been a big part of my life. I started collecting records a year before I had a record player. I have published five detective novels, the first of which, Served Cold, won the Shamus Award. I brought my movie review program (On The Aisle) to All Classical Portland, in addition to my Author, Author interview program. I teach occasionally and have taught courses in jazz history and the Marx Brothers’ movies.

Ed's regular shifts are Saturdays 8 am to 10 am, and 2 am to 6 am on Sundays. Ed also hosts Saturday Matinee from 10 am to 2 pm while the Metropolitan Opera is in hiatus.


Robert McBride

Photo: Robert McBride

I have my mother to thank for getting me interested in music, arranging childhood piano lessons, and being the first to suggest a career in radio. I have both my parents to thank for putting me through college (with a music degree in composition) and for patiently putting up with my rock drummer phase. While I failed to become a rock star, I do still perform occasionally, as a drummer or a timpanist, and I still compose, though not as much as I would like to. After more than thirty years in radio, I still like it! I also enjoy public speaking opportunities, including preconcert conversations for the Oregon Symphony. I’ve been part of the All Classical team since 2000, after working at other radio stations in Oregon, Washington, and New York. I’ve saved the best for last.


Andrea Murray

Photo: Andrea Murray

I’ve been producing and hosting public radio programs for 20 years or so. Prior to joining the All Classical Portland staff, I spent 6 years as the arts reporter for WETA in Washington, and was the creator and host of a cultural magazine called “The Program.” I’ve done a lot of freelance work too, for public radio programs including Morning Edition, Studio 360, and All Things Considered. I love radio, music, animals and my mom.


Brandi Parisi

Photo: Brandi Parisi

In 2007 the Los Angeles classical station where I was a host decided to change formats to something more lucrative: country music! I took the opportunity to move on to the greener landscape of Portland and All Classical Portland.

I started in radio when I was 17. Prior to L.A. I worked at stations in Orlando and Atlanta, and for six years I was a host and producer on Minnesota Public Radio’s national service, Classical 24. I grew up around New Orleans and Jackson, MS, and was a flute performance-turned-communications major at Ohio University, followed later by graduate school in philosophy at Purdue University. My first post- college job was as a music engineer in the early 90s Atlanta hip hop scene.

In addition to working at All Classical Portland, I teach philosophy at Portland Community College, and I’m a certified yoga instructor. I live with my husband Brice in SE Portland with our dogs, Harper and Truman.

Brandi is on the air 2 am to 6 am weekdays, and 3 am to 8 am Saturday at All Classical Portland. She also hosts Played in Oregon Sundays at 1 pm.


John Pitman

Photo: John Pitman
Music Director

I started working at All Classical Portland in 1983, just a few months after graduation from Benson Polytechnic, and the same year that 89.9 FM began broadcasting. Much has changed since that first summer that Portland gained a new classical music station! In fact, we didn’t call it “All Classical Portland”. 89.9 FM was owned by the school district, and the call letters were KBPS (“BPS” for its location: Benson Polytechnic High School). Moving up from weekends to weekdays, part-time to full-time, and from a music librarian to Music Director (2006), I’ve been witness to tremendous growth in the organization, and seen the facilities move twice: In 1992, from a classroom to a stand-alone building at Benson, and 2014 to our beautiful, current location on the Willamette.

As music director, I work with the programming team and our producers to carefully craft each hour of music almost every day. It’s a job I love doing. When I’m not programming, I’m interviewing musicians from around the world to add to All Classical Portland’s online offering of reviews, spotlights and insights. As of January 2018, I’m back on weekends, hosting throughout the afternoon, and evenings with The Concert Hall, a series that draws from that library of 25,000 CDs of fantastic recordings. It’s my pleasure, and privilege, to share this great music with you.


Matt Rogers

Photo: Matt Rogers
Program Director, Producer and On-Air Host

Early in life, I fell in love with film, particularly the film score. As I aged, that appreciation expanded to encompass all eras of classical music. My career in radio began in high school when I worked as an afternoon host for a tiny AM station in my hometown, Gastonia, North Carolina. I enjoyed it enough to major in broadcast management at Campbell University, graduating in 1999. I’ve had the pleasure to work with terrific colleagues at WVTF in Roanoke, Virginia, and WDAV in Charlotte, North Carolina, and now it’s my privilege to join the team at All Classical Portland. Though I hail from the east coast, Portland had been on my radar for several years as I visited friends here from time to time. I loved the rich, diverse arts culture—and the donuts! Blue Star’s glazed buttermilk changed my life—so when a position came open at All Classical Portland, I jumped. When I’m not at the station, I pursue a love of art, history, travel, and wine. I also advocate for the Oxford comma.


Edmund Stone

Photo: Edmund Stone

I grew up on an English farm and listened constantly to BBC Radio where I developed an early fascination for entertainment. In my late teens I joined a youth theater and toured in Romeo & Juliet, before moving to Scotland, where my love for radio, film and writing merged together when I became a film correspondent for BBC Radio and Thompson Publications. I needed a larger canvas to work with and moved to Hollywood in 1980, covering the Academy Awards, interviewing Alfred Hitchcock and Mel Blanc, and eventually narrating more than 1,000 educational audio stories. Thirty-five years later I am still doing the work I love. I host programming on All Classical Portland on weekend afternoons and evenings, occasionally emcee events and classical concerts, and sometimes even narrate with orchestras. In 2006 I created The Score, a national (and now international) syndicated film music program, heard on All Classical Portland every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. Writing, producing and hosting this program is a wonderful opportunity for me to share, with listeners, my passion for symphonic music in the movies.

The British, they say, are crazy about their gardens. I am, too. This helped when I became a vegetarian in 1997 and could grow some of my own food. My childhood love of animals has always made me aware of their importance on our planet. In 1997 I co-founded In Defense of Animals-Africa which operates a chimpanzee rescue center in Cameroon, West Africa.

Edmund writes and hosts The Score, a nationally syndicated film music program, which you can hear every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.


Christa Wessel

Photo: Christa Wessel

Since arriving here from North Carolina in 2007, I’ve traveled all around the state and have fallen in love with the high deserts of Eastern Oregon and the magically blue waters of Crater Lake. I also relish a stormy weekend at the Oregon Coast.

I adore the natural beauty of Oregon as much as I cherish the cultural beauty of our region. I could easily find myself in a concert hall every night of the week! I enjoy it all: early music, contemporary music, symphonic music and opera. So as not to exhaust myself I deliberately set aside time to play nerdy board games with friends, or will reserve a lazy afternoon to read a big novel. (I adore Franzen, Eugenides, Chabon and the like.)

I had once hoped to be a professional French horn player – I attended Northwestern University with that aspiration - but I graduated with a Bachelors of Music in Arts Administration. I still tootle my horn occasionally, and also enjoy picking up a ukulele from time to time.



Eric Behny

Photo: Eric Behny
Director of Underwriting

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in a small farm town in Illinois. In my home, I remember hearing Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado played so often I may have it memorized! I graduated from California State University at Northridge with a degree in Business Administration/Marketing. After college, I worked as an advertising consultant with the NBC television affiliates in Bend, Oregon, Salinas, California, and for FOX-12 KPTV in Portland. I live in Northeast Portland with my wife, 3 children, dog and cat. I enjoy golf, music, reading, running, tennis, travel and horror movies.


Willie Anderson

Photo: Willie Anderson
Account Executive

I was born in Liverpool, England and came to the states in the late 70’s to play soccer for the Portland Timbers. Previous to that I had the good fortune to play in Great Britain for Manchester Utd, Aston Villa and Cardiff city. Every child’s dream in England was to play professional soccer and I had that dream. The trouble with professional sports is you cannot play forever and before you know it, you have to retire, which I did after over 20 years of playing. My first job after soccer, in the real world was selling advertising for a small AM classical music station, KKSN, here in Portland. I loved it from minute one and out of all the radio formats that I have sold, classical music is the one I love. I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, coaching soccer, travelling and helping All Classical Portland grow into a even bigger and better radio station.



Daniel Hornbeck

Photo: Daniel Hornbeck
Engineering Assistant

I grew up in West Virginia, fully expecting to become the next Eddie Van Halen. I instead became the next best thing: a public school music teacher. After several years teaching, I decided to pursue my lifelong fascination with radio. While earning an electronics degree, I worked in a start-up building unmanned aircraft ("drones") for use in agriculture and film. I completed an internship at All Classical Portland, and returned to the station as Engineering Assistant. I have the good fortune of working alongside some of the best talent in the business.

When not having fun in radio, I enjoy playing electric guitar in various bands, writing music, and hanging out with my lovely wife, two cats, and a cocker spaniel.


Jordan Lewis

Photo: Jordan Lewis
Director of Radio Operations

An Oregon native and graduate of Grant High School, I’ve studied computer engineering at OIT and radio broadcasting at MHCC to bring multiple job skills to the Operations Administrator position. In charge of managing the digital audio delivery system, scheduling/reconciling the traffic logs, and serving as a member of The Score production team, I keep busy by wearing many hats. From weekly show production to the in-house IT duties to assisting the VP of Technology in repairs and installing upgrades, the job is a great blend of radio and computers. I’ve worked previously for KEX and KFXX in Portland, followed by a stint as a remote engineer for KATU-TV News. Five years running my own business as a computer repairman helped me acquire the skills necessary to keep the many computers that run a modern radio station working smoothly. I’m an avid disc golfer, traveling the Northwest to compete in amateur competitions and most weekends can be found on one of the area's great disc golf courses. When not throwing plastic through the air, I collect comic books, read sci fi/fantasy and I’m a rabid NFL football fan and fantasy football junkie. Go Redskins!


Jonathan Barrios

Photo: Jonathan Barrios
Full Stack Web Developer

I was born in New York City and just after, my parents moved our family to Japan. I was lucky enough to first watch ‘Star Wars’ in Tokyo and play Space Invaders a year before it was released to the public! We later moved to Venezuela and then, South Korea where I learned to build computers, code simple games and play classical guitar. As a teenager, we moved to the US and I discovered the electric guitar but my life changed when I heard John Coltrane on public radio. While pursuing a computer science degree, I searched for the best jazz guitar teacher and was lucky enough to find George Aguire, who studied under Vincent Bredice. I also credit my jazz and classical education to the radio hosts at WDNA 88.9. Music and technology have always been a natural pairing in my life. Along the way, I was awarded an Arts on Tour grant from the Arkansas Arts Council as a contrabassist and educator. I have created multiple open education music books and am the proud founder of Jazz Guitar School, a free learning management project online. I am currently studying Data Science & Machine Learning and excited to help All Classical Portland - and its listeners around the world - engage with world-class music.


Photography by Jonathan House