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Interns play an important and evolving role in day-to-day station operations. From learning about broadcast processes and procedures to assisting with facility and web maintenance, the All Classical Portland internship program provides a front row seat to the art and science of making radio.

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Photo: Cindy Flores

Cindy Flores

Intern: Winter/Spring 2023

I am a third year student at Portland State University majoring in Music Education and Violin Performance. I began playing the violin when I was 8 years old in Salem-Keizer School Districts, and I was given so many opportunities to be in many ensembles, honor groups, and meet a lot of wonderful music teachers along the way. When I am not in school, I am spending time together with my favorite dog, Oliver the Pug. I have recently found a hobby of baking, and have learned to bake macrons, croissants, and Mexican conchas. I am thrilled to be the All Classical Portland intern and cannot wait to collaborate with all the wonderful people that work here!

Photo: Nhi Duong

Nhi Duong

Intern: Winter/Spring 2022

I’m currently in Eugene Oregon, attending the University of Oregon, studying Marketing and Spanish. In my free time I like to create art, cook, and bake. While I am not musically talented myself, I do have a great appreciate for music and am excited for this opportunity to work with All Classical Portland and ICAN. My favorite part about music is that it can explain any feeling and that there is always music to fit any situation. Along those lines, I love to make overly specific playlists that fit all my moods and remind me of different events or people in my life. This internship is important to me because it gives me to opportunity to connect with my community and learn more about the music and radio industry.

Photo: Molly Myers

Molly Myers

Intern: Summer/Fall 2021

Spreading the joy of performing arts and the accessibility of music education are both lifelong missions that I hold close to my heart. Growing up in Vancouver, Washington, I was always grateful for All Classical’s inspiring presence across the river. Today, as I pursue my bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Administration at Oregon State University, I’ve had the privilege of minoring in Music Performance and sharing my love for piano and oboe through Wind Ensemble, Chamber Winds, and the Corvallis Symphony Orchestra. Musical volunteer opportunities through local hospitals and retirement centers have shown me that every composition has the power to bring strangers of all ages together. I’m honored that my music and business experiences thus far have culminated in an internship with All Classical Portland and the International Children’s Arts Network. Contributing to All Classical and learning more about the radio industry is so exciting, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Photo: Kathleen Forrest

Kathleen Forrest

Intern: Spring 2021

I'm a history major at Willamette University, with a special appreciation for art history in all its forms. I love visual art, theater, literature, and (as you may have guessed) music. While I'm not a musician myself, I believe that doesn't have to prohibit someone from enjoying music or understanding it at great depth. I'm interested in anything and everything I'll have an opportunity to learn through this internship, but especially when it comes to arts outreach and community engagement. Regardless of going to school an hour away Portland is still home, and I'm thrilled to be able to stay involved with the arts community. I've previously volunteered at the Portland Art Museum and Lan Su Chinese Garden, and before that I worked for Post5 Theatre. I've been a listener of All Classical Portland since I was a kid, and I'm so excited to be a part of making classical music more accessible and better understood.

Photo: Kate Gularte

Kate Gularte

Intern: Fall 2020

I am from Spokane, Washington, and moved to Oregon to attend Oregon State University. I fell in love with Oregon’s weather, the opportunity to meet new people, and the overall inclusive vibe that Oregon natives live by. I am a senior at Oregon State University, studying Marketing with an interest in the Entertainment Industry. My interest in classical music started in 4th grade when the high school band came to showcase each instrument and recruit us to participate in the orchestra. I immediately fell in love with the sound of the flute. I spent 4 years playing the flute for our school districts orchestra, working my way to second chair. The flute gave me opportunities to make lasting friendships and learn different types of music.

Photo: Jackson Poling

Jackson Poling

Intern: Fall 2020

I was born in Nebraska but was pulled to Oregon a couple years ago by the beautiful landscapes and amazing people. I’m currently a 4th year student at Oregon State University studying Finance and Psychology, with a huge interest in the music industry. My musical interest was sown when my Grandma started to show me Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other big band records. After listening to Big Band and Jazz music a while, I branched out to other music genres, including classical and electronic music. I fell in love with the genre and began to dedicate my after-school hours listening and making my own music. My end goal in life is to work in the electronic music scene as a manager, label owner, sound designer, etc.

Photo: Shayla Bailey

Shayla Bailey

Intern: Summer 2020

A lifelong portlander and junior at PSU, music has always played a major role in my life. I was raised by musical parents who started taking me to rehearsals on my second day on Earth, and my appreciation from the arts has only grown from there. I'm an avid choir kid, currently singing at PSU in my thirteenth choir to date, and in the last several years I've had opportunities to sing at Carnegie Hall, on Sarah Brightman's 2019 tour, on the streets at a renaissance festival, and much more. I'm also an avid playwright and director, and am working on my degree in Sonic Arts and Music Production. All Classical has graced my ears for years, and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to work with the station and ICAN radio this summer. Looking forward to good things ahead!

Photo: Kelly Lantz

Kelly Lantz

Intern: Summer 2020

I am a transplant to the Pacific Northwest from Cincinnati, Ohio and discovering All Classical Portland when I first moved here was like being welcomed home. I have a Bachelor’s in Music Performance and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Louisiana State University. I am currently pursuing my MBA with a dual concentration of Arts Administration and Data Analytics with Southern Oregon University, and I am also working on my CPA license. My immersion into the world of classical music began in the womb as my mother was the second oboist for the Northern Kentucky Symphony (now renamed the Kentucky Symphony). She played well through her pregnancy with me and into my early years of life – I have faint memories of sitting in the front row of her rehearsals with the orchestra and with her woodwind quintet, completely enraptured with all the colors in the air around me. I have been searching for an opportunity like this internship with All Classical Portland since I graduated college. I have a solid amount of for-profit accounting experience at this point, but ultimately, I want to use those skills within my own musical community. I see this internship as an opportunity learn how to use my mixed toolbox of skills to help grow and manage an arts organization while fostering joy for classical music across the world.

Photo: Melissa Hood

Melissa Hood

Intern: Fall 2019

My passion for music was slowly instilled in me from a very young age. I owe most, if not all, of this passion to my father, who exposed my twin sister and me to his own favorite artists and always encouraged us to practice music as we grew up. I, along with my sister, began playing flute at age 11 in 6th grade band, inspired partly by flute legend Ian Anderson (one of our father’s favorites).

I was fortunate enough to attend the summer camp Woodwinds at Wallowa Lake five years in a row while in junior high and high school, where I was immersed in classical and contemporary music studies for one week each summer. It was through my experience there that I began to develop a true admiration and appreciation for classical music.

In high school, as my interest in music grew, I began to also play bass guitar and formed a band with my sister called Test For Echo. After I graduated high school and began attending college at Pacific University, I decided to continue playing both flute and bass. My sophomore year I decided to pursue a minor in music, in addition to my major in creative writing. I began taking private lessons, something I’d never experienced, and joined the symphonic band, in addition to classes. My involvement with the music department and other programs and activities at Pacific has further established my love for playing, listening to, talking about and writing about music.

Now, my pursuits involving classical music, and music of all kinds, have led me to an internship with the wonderful staff at All Classical, and I look forward to experiencing where it will take me in the future.

Photo: John Martin

John Martin

Intern: Fall 2019

I have been interested in classical music since I was about 10 years old, when I started playing the oboe in elementary school. I performed in All-County orchestras, and a summer music camp at Colgate University. I was very active in my high school choir, as well, and even had the opportunity to sing in the Area All-State choir at the university I later attended. When I started my college career, I was studying English, a subject I was good at but not passionate about, at a university where I didn’t quite fit in. I ended up transferring to, and recently graduated from, the State University of New York at Oneonta. I studied music industry there, and now I’m an aspiring radio host. I didn’t catch the radio bug until I was a junior in college, but being on the air and spending time with the other members of my college’s radio station was a blast! I lived in upstate New York my entire life but relocated to Portland for a change of scenery. Interning at All Classical has been very exciting so far, and it has given me the chance to reconnect with classical music, which started me down this path in the first place.

Photo: Isabel Skau

Isabel Skau

Intern: Summer & Fall 2019

Interning at All Classical Portland is an exciting new adventure on my classical music journey in Oregon. From age four, I began piano lessons with Helen Libonati in Southeast Portland. At six, I studied violin with Cynthia Raxter and played in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, listening to All Classical Portland on every car trip to and from rehearsal. Inspired by my older sisters, an oboist (Sabrina) and a saxophonist (Nicole), I Iater began wind instruments at age 12 as a clarinet student of Phil Baldino and a jazz saxophone student of Scott Hall. At the same time, I continued studying violin with Robin Baldino and joined the Young String Ensemble of the Portland Youth Philharmonic (PYP). In eighth grade I joined PYP’s Conservatory Orchestra and earned my Level X certificate in piano from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. I then narrowed my focus to clarinet, violin, and saxophone.

At David Douglas High School, I was coached by Jennifer Brooks-Muller and Tom Muller in wind ensemble and jazz band while receiving clarinet lessons from Dunja Jennings-Marcum. During ninth grade, I played violin in the PYP orchestra under David Hattner. The same spring, I received 4th place on clarinet in the statewide OSAA Solo Music Championships, and the following fall I won a blind audition to become principal clarinetist of PYP. There I played principal clarinet for three years. At 16, I became a two-time state champion on clarinet and performed with the Vancouver Symphony as a winner of its Young Artists Competition. I had the incredible opportunity at 17 to perform at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall as an invited guest soloist with the Oregon Symphony. After setting down my instruments to explore my other passion of visual arts at Stanford University, I am excited to again be involved with classical music in Oregon. The project I complete during this internship at All Classical will fulfill the degree requirement for my Master’s in Arts Management and Administration from the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. Long term, I hope to use what I have learned through my studies and my experiences at All Classical Portland to benefit the area of donor relations in arts and culture or higher education.

Photo: Ava Price

Ava Price

Intern: Fall 2018 & Winter 2019

Classical music has been a part of my life since I was four years old, when I first watched the movie Fantasia. I will never forget hearing the first movement of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony and being totally mesmerized by not only the imagery on the screen, but by sounds that I had never heard before. As I grew older, my passion for the genre changed. Listening to and appreciating this music was no longer enough for me— I wanted to perform these works myself. I started taking classical voice lessons at the age of fourteen, beginning with the works of Schumann and Von Gluck. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the School of Music at the University of Puget Sound, and thus my love kept growing and growing. Not only was I able to perform amazing works, but I was also able to study them from a musicological and historical perspective. This immersion in the stories of the composers and pieces is what made me realize that I wanted to further my involvement in classical music past my undergraduate degree, even in a world where I am told that pursuing music is “too difficult” or “not worth it.” The internship at All Classical Portland is the best way to start on that path, to take my love of classical music to the next level, and to prove the naysayers wrong.

Currently, I am taking a gap year before applying to graduate school in vocal performance or musicology—the internship at All Classical Portland has been a perfect opportunity for me to learn skills to further my future career as a musician. I am extremely passionate about not only performing music, but also writing about it. I won the John Gravatt Writing Award for my paper on Madame Butterfly. I have always wanted to learn more about audio production and working on a website and this position has been the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in these fields In the future I would love to develop a career that combines the performing arts and the technological and business knowledge.

Photo: Olivia Vega

Olivia Vega

Intern: Summer 2019

My classical music journey began in sixth grade with the introduction of viola lessons. After a few lessons and music theory classes at Community Music Center, I was hooked. Music quickly became a passion of mine. My relatively late start on the instrument motivated me to improve my technique in order to be able to join the local youth orchestra. I was eager to learn all the great (though somewhat limited) viola repertoire I could get my hands on. I participated in the Portland Conservatory Youth Orchestra (PYCO) for two years, before joining the Metropolitan Youth Symphony’s (MYS) top orchestra in high school. Through these experiences I was able to play innovative music at the beautiful Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with peers who cared about classical music as much as I did. A favorite memory of mine is performing Mahler’s First Symphony with MYS a week before my high school graduation. It took a great amount of effort and collaboration to prepare such a mammoth work, but the payoff was hugely rewarding.

As my knowledge and passion for classical music grew, I was lucky enough to have the resource of a top-notch radio station right in Portland. During morning drives to school, I would often listen to 89.9. The station’s focus on music history led me to explore the topic of Shostakovich’s political identity in Soviet Russia for my European History research paper during my senior year at St. Mary’s Academy.

I am currently a rising sophomore at Carleton College, a small liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. This past year I was awarded the S. Eugene Bailey Scholarship for private lessons. I was involved in the Carleton Orchestra, as well as the Pied Pipers, a chamber ensemble which performs entertaining shows with the help of narrators from campus comedy groups. My interests in law and literature have prompted me to consider majoring in English or Political Science.

Performing on the viola will always be a part of my life, but I have recently become interested in arts administration and the management behind successful arts organizations. This internship with All Classical Portland has given me invaluable insight into both the production and community engagement aspects of radio. I hope to carry the web design and social media networking skills I have learned during this internship into my future career.

Photo: Jemma Goddard

Jemma Goddard

Intern: Summer 2018

Ever since I began playing the trumpet in 4th-grade music has been at the center of my life. I grew up in Rockford, IL, and decided to make the big leap to the Pacific Northwest for college. I am currently a rising senior at Lewis & Clark College, majoring in euphonium performance. I have certainly enjoyed my time here thus far; Portland’s natural beauty and vibrant community have made me fall in love with the city. Early on in my college career, I began listening to All Classical and found it to be a great source for all things classical music. After a long day of class and practice, I enjoy hopping in my car and immediately tuning into All Classical for my drive home. I can count on hearing one of my favorite pieces or discovering something entirely new.

I have previously interned with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra in my hometown, where I gained valuable experience working with a non-profit arts organization. I am very excited to gain more experience with All Classical this summer and explore what radio has to offer. I look forward to working with such a passionate group of people, who love music just as much as I do.

In recent years, I have taken up the bass trombone and conducting as a way to expand my musical understanding and experience. In my free time, I play rugby, go for picnics, and visit art exhibitions. I look forward to a fantastic summer with All Classical!

Photo: Megan Reich

Megan Reich

Intern: Winter 2018

A native of Beaverton, Oregon, I have been a listener of All Classical Portland since I started playing the flute eleven years ago. Coming from a family of non-musicians, the station served for me as an invaluable introduction into to the world of classical music. Since then, I’ve further fueled my love for this art through participation in the Portland Youth Philharmonic and various ensembles throughout my time in college. I recently graduated from the University of Puget Sound, where I received degrees in Flute Performance and Biology. I am currently taking a gap year to apply to a Masters of Music program in Flute Performance.

My goal is to become a professional musician and an active supporter of the arts in my community. That being said, I am inspired by All Classical’s mission to engage with local and global audiences in ways that support and create cultural community, especially through programs such as Thursdays at Three, Northwest Previews, and upcoming JOY Project programs. I am grateful to be learning from the All Classical team about the work that goes into operating a non-profit arts organization and delving into the world of radio broadcasting.

Classical music has opened up many doorways of listening for me, and I am passionate about the power of sound to inspire, console, and connect us to the experiences of other people. The medium of radio, in particular, appeals to me both as a science and an art. Last spring, I had the opportunity to take a Music Recording Techniques course, where I learned the basics of recording, mixing, and mastering music. During this time I also served as the editor-in-chief of my university’s student-run science magazine, Elements, where I we aspired to communicate student research and science news in a way that was informative and accessible across the campus. I look forward to bringing together my previous experiences in audio production, writing, and communication to this internship and learning more about community engagement, social media management, fundraising, and more.

Photo: Annika Lindburg

Annika Lindburg

Intern: Summer 2017

I am a recent graduate from Linfield College who is living in Portland for the summer. I majored in Mass Communication with a minor in Creative Writing. I have lived in Seattle all my life and love the Pacific Northwest. I am excited to explore the abundance of food trucks and hikes in Portland!

Now more than ever, it is important to support the arts, especially non-profit organizations. I am honored to be spending my summer at All Classical Portland and am excited to work with each staff member to gain skills in an array of areas. This internship is a great transition from school to the real world. I have already made great connections and can’t wait to learn and grow at All Classical Portland.

Photo: Katherine Ljungqvist

Katherine Ljungqvist

Intern: Winter 2017

I have lived in Oregon my whole life, and currently reside in the rural community of Laurelwood. I am a junior at Western Oregon University, where I am working towards a major in English and minor in music. While my goal is to one day become a grant writer for nonprofit organizations, I have always been drawn to music, and have played piano for most of my life, focusing on both classical music and jazz. The learning opportunities at All Classical Portland are endless, and I’m thrilled to be spending the next several months working with such an enthusiastic and passionate group of people.

In my down time I enjoy reading, taking naps with my dogs, and horseback riding. I occasionally ride competitively, but have also led horseback-guided wine tours through Oregon’s wine country.

I look forward to being a part of an environment that perfectly combines non-profit with quality music, and learning as much as I can during this internship.

Photo: Sarah Fitzpatrick

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Intern: Fall 2016

I am a recent addition to Portland, having moved here after graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in Environmental Science this past Spring. Naturally, I gravitated to the only thing I felt as equally beautiful as the environment -- music. My southern upbringing and various stints living and traveling in and out of the country has imbued me with an appreciation of all types of music, with classical music being my first. I am excited to delve into the world of radio, with specific interests in production, engineering, and interviewing, all while continuing to grow my love of classical music. My playing pursuits include piano and cello, with an additional adoration for singing and choir that began when I was living in Arkansas.

When not playing music, I enjoy reading, writing, salsa dancing, and taking walks in beautiful places. While I have often been a tourist in the Northwest, I hope to utilize my fresh status as a permanent resident to explore all of the natural, musical, and cultural experiences it has to offer.

Photo: Devanney Haruta

Devanney Haruta

Intern: Summer 2016

As a native of the east coast, I am looking forward to a summer internship at All Classical in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Simsbury, CT and am in my fourth year of undergraduate studies at Brown University in Providence, RI, where I study music and math. During my time at Brown, I play oboe in a variety of chamber ensembles and attend as many concerts and recitals as possible! Music has always been a constant presence in my life, beginning with childhood collections of cassette tapes and CDs, continuing with piano and oboe lessons, and growing with high school solfege classes and orchestra, band, and choir festivals. Music also helps to realize my dream of traveling around the world, from Lincoln, NE to Co. Clare, Ireland, and now to Portland, OR.

Few public radio stations are as openly enthusiastic about their music as All Classical: the declaration “we love this music” that headlines the webpage resonates with my own passion for classical music. I am inspired by the team’s genuine enthusiasm and dedication, and we share a common goal of connecting music with communities. I am eager to learn how radio merges the many things I love about music: audio technology, theoretical discussion, performance, and the pure joy of listening.

Photo: Zahra Ahmed

Zahra Ahmed

Intern: Spring 2016

I am a recent graduate from Swarthmore College who moved to Portland four months ago. As a longtime student and performer of Western Classical music, I found that my homesickness for Washington, D.C. was mitigated by listening to All Classical. I am very happy to develop my relationship to this music through an internship at All Classical. I am particularly looking forward to writing and researching for ongoing and soon to be completed projects as well as gaining production skills under Andrea Murray.

Photo: Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Intern: Summer 2015

All Classical Portland is an ideal place for me to spend the summer because of my combined interests in writing, media, and the arts . I am excited to be a part of an organization that works to sustain and build a cultural community through the preservation and continuation of classical music in the vibrant northwest arts community. Seeing how a non-profit functions with the dedicated support of its staff members who work cohesively toward the overarching goal of providing classical music to listeners around the world and locally is another reason I was drawn to the station.

I feel very fortunate to be spending my summer here at All Classical and look forward to getting to know the staff as well as gaining experience in audio production and editing, blog writing, interviewing, social media management, and all the projects I can contribute to.

I am a junior English and Mass Communication double major at Linfield College. This fall I will be the editor-in-chief of the college’s student newspaper, The Linfield Review. I will also be a Peer Advisor and help new students transition from high school to college through advising sessions and the colloquium class I co-teach with my Faculty Advisor. Additionally, I compete on the college’s swim team and am a brother in the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

In my spare time, I play viola in chamber ensembles in the music department at Linfield. I grew up on the coast of Oregon in Astoria, where my commitment and passion for classical music began. While in Astoria, I played in the North Oregon Coast Symphony, the Columbia River Community Symphony, and in the pit orchestra that played Tchaikovsky’s score for the Nutcracker ballet each December all throughout my high school years.

Photo: Casey Walker

Casey Walker

Intern: Summer 2014

I have always loved music, and through playing cello for most of my life, I developed a deep appreciation for classical music in particular. My years at the Vancouver School for Arts and Academics, as well as my participation in the Portland Youth Philharmonic, contributed to my interest in both classical music and the development of the public arts community. I am excited to pursue these interests in the friendly and supportive atmosphere at All Classical Portland this summer! I am a big fan of the station, especially programs like The Score, which combines two of my passions: music and film.

I am a rising sophomore at Emerson College in Boston, studying Visual and Media Arts. My studies, especially regarding media history, have developed my interest in the future of broadcast. I strongly believe in developing public support for the arts, and while I am uncertain what the future holds for me, I hope to eventually contribute in some way to the local and greater arts community. Additionally, working with audio production and editing at Emerson has interested me in the technical and writing aspects of radio as well. Through my time at All Classical, I wish to gain an understanding of how a nonprofit organization works, as well as some experience in the technical side of radio and production.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I am excited to help out at the station!

Photo: Hali Engelman

Hali Engelman

Intern: 2013-2014

I have always loved classical music. As a kid, I spent my evenings conducting along to Mozart CDs and air-violining to Vivaldi concertos I heard on the radio. My love of music translated easily to a love of public radio, which I avidly listen to and support. Though I am a new addition to the team at All Classical, I am overwhelmed by the station’s commitment to provide great music to its listeners and support the local arts scene here in Portland.

I am beginning this internship as a recent graduate of Knox College where I studied Music and Computer Science in the prairies of western Illinois. I have a passionate, if not somewhat obsessive, thirst for collecting and learning about as much music as I can, leaving no genre or era untouched. Programs like Club Mod and The Score have proved to be wonderful resources for discovering new and exciting music that I have never heard before.

I am very excited at the opportunity to learn as much I can from the greatly knowledgeable and experienced staff at All Classical. I hope to get acquainted with every aspect of the station, from radio production to new media content to fundraising and working with volunteers.

Photo: David Salkowski

David Salkowski

Intern: Summer 2013

As an avid listener and devotee of classical music, I am excited to have the opportunity to intern at All Classical Portland, a vital and unique part of our community. As I venture into a life in the arts, All Classical is an ideal place for me to take part in an institution that does work which I am deeply passionate about: to curate the arts and provide great music to listeners for free. I look forward to learning more about the field of radio, programming, and the inner workings of non-profit arts organizations.

I am a rising senior at Lewis & Clark College, where I am pursuing a music major with studies focusing on composition and musicology, along with a minor in Russian Studies. I also perform actively on my primary instrument, tuba, as well as on guitar, and I have worked as a research assistant in both the Music and Russian Departments at Lewis & Clark. After my time at Lewis & Clark, I intend to pursue graduate studies in musicology and a vocation of teaching, learning, composing, and performing, and my present experience at All Classical will certainly figure as an important part of this journey.

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, classical music was frequently in my consciousness, both from public radio and my mother’s piano playing. Upon relocation to Portland, I quickly became a fan of All Classical. I have been tuning in ever since, even during my semester in St. Petersburg, Russia, when I listened online, remembering how special our community is. I am delighted to spend this summer working with the people whose voices I have heard so many times, as well as the rest of the wonderful All Classical staff who contribute to the vibrancy of classical music here in Portland.

Photo: Justin Sherrill

Justin Sherrill

Intern: Fall 2012 & Spring 2013

I am a native Oregonian and life-long public radio and classical music listener. A recent arrival in Portland, I now have the honor of being All Classical's new intern for the Fall quarter. With only a few weeks under my belt, I am thrilled at the array of hands-on learning opportunities stretching out before me, and at the new avenues this experience will open up for me as I strike out into a new field of work.

When I began the internship, I had already graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Art History, but had spent the intervening years as a baker in Eugene and Portland. So, it could have been easy for me to feel like a fish out of water at All Classical, but the warm hearts and wonderful personalities at the station always made sure I felt welcome and essential.

Over the last few years, I have followed the evolution of public and non-profit community radio stations as they compete in a widening field of online competition. My primary focus while interning will be to learn as much as possible about the production work that goes into programs such as The Score and Club Mod.

I am excited for the opportunity to tap into the great pool of knowledge and experience that the staff at All Classical FM provides. I am proud to be a part of something that is not only fulfilling and educational, but also encourages listeners in Portland (and worldwide) to support the arts.

Photo: Liberty Karolak

Liberty Karolak

Intern: Summer 2012

I want to thank everyone at All Classical for giving me the opportunity to work with and learn from them this summer. I look forward to helping with The Score, shadow audio editing and learning how playlists are created for each host’s show.

I am a mass communications major at Linfield College and my ultimate goal would to be involved in film in any way possible. I want to make good films that make an impact on people. What better way to start that journey than at All Classical because without music (especially classical music), movies wouldn’t be as impactful because of the emotion music gives to the film.

This internship is the perfect opportunity for me to practice my skills in the radio medium and understand how it operates. I have already used what I have learned in the classroom on my first day here.

Photo: Meredith Peters

Meredith Peters

Intern: Winter/Spring 2012

I began my internship at All Classical on January 27, 2012. Upon arrival on my first day, I was nervous about all the new things I was going to learn, but I immediately felt comfortable. The small staff at All Classical has made me feel welcomed and important, and I’m honored to spend time here.

My time at All Classical will help launch me into the professional world in many ways, regardless of which career I choose. The day-to-day experiences so far have allowed me to better understand the workings of an office environment, given me insights into the functions on-air radio production, improved my teamwork skills and organization and taught me how to work with new media.

When I began my time at All Classical I had already graduated from an undergraduate institution, and I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful bridge between the student world and the work world. With family-like staff members, All Classical has given me the chance to become accustomed to working in a non-rushed, friendly atmosphere where I can discover my strengths and weaknesses and improve at my own speed, while constantly receiving constructive feedback.

Photo: Judy Stevenson

Judy Stevenson

Intern: Fall 2011 & Winter 2012

My internship program with All Classical extended from August 23, 2011 until March 22, 2012. I earned upper-division college credit during my senior year towards an Arts and Letters Bachelor’s degree from PSU. Preparing to transition from the life of a student into a working professional could come as a bit of a shock to the system. All Classical FM aided in my steps towards achieving career goals by offering an open and honest learning environment where hands on work assisted me to develop skills with communication and writing, radio production, new media content, fundraising, working with volunteers, and clerical and office functions.

Although KQAC has a small family of staff members, there are many individuals involved in making the station possible. Between staff, volunteers, and listeners the dynamic range of personalities and diverse walks of life have influenced my perspective of the Portland community in relation to the world by demonstrating the scope of what people can accomplish together with common goals. All of my All Classical contacts are people with a wealth of knowledge and resources and my fortune in knowing them will not be taken for granted. Keeping public media on people’s radar is important work and I will strive to do so in the future of the non-profit media sector.

Photo: Ona Galonka

Ona Galonka

Intern: Winter/Spring 2011

I received a whole smorgasbord of lessons relating to every aspect of radio production, from audio editing of music tracks, underwriting sales, distinctions in on-air hosting, interviewing community musical guests, interacting with listeners and supporters, researching radio markets and statistics to pledge drive preparation, interacting with volunteers, writing for various audiences, music programming organization and selection. Though certain projects may seem repetitive at times, know that the work you do is appreciated internally and externally. All projects and completed work is of importance, even though it may seem minute.

One of my most honorable moments was when I was given the opportunity to attend two all staff meetings to deliberate the progression of the station’s mission, vision and values statement. Even though I was a rather new member, my opinions where heard and treated as importantly as a staff member who had been employed for fifteen or more years. Additionally, I learned about the significance of interacting and developing relationships with community members and the audience support system during pledge drives and writing personalized messages to listeners.

Having spent almost six months at the station, I can attest that this experience is more than just a resume builder or sustenance for university academic credit. The station, with its compassionate, caring and heart-warming staff, felt like home. Not only did I learn techniques and lessons about the creative and administrative aspects of radio production, but also progressed in confidence and strength as a professional.

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