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Each Saturday at 5 All Classical Portland celebrates what’s next in our community, with profiles of young musicians and explorations of musical opportunities for young people in the northwest.

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Catherine Hartrim-Lowe

June 19, 2021

On Deck with Catherine Hartrim-Lowe

Raúl Gómez-Rojas chats with 16-year-old Catherine Hartrim-Lowe, a self-described “homeschooled, homesteading, high school sophomore, cellist, vocalist, and amateur pianist living near Vancouver, Washington.” Catherine was first introduced to music through piano lessons at the age of five, falling in love with the mellow, singing quality of the cello around her tenth birthday. She currently sings… More

June 12, 2021

On Deck with Erika Metzenberg

In this episode of “On Deck,” Amy Faust chats with Erika Metzenberg, a 15 year old violin player with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony. Erika has been playing with MYS for almost 8 years, and has recently picked up the viola as well, taking regular lessons from MYS director (and On Deck host) Raul Gomez. As… More

June 5, 2021

On Deck with Arthur Khamkhosy

In this episode of “On Deck,” Christa Wessel talks with 16-year old Arthur Khamkhosy, a junior at Clackamas High School. Though he began his musical journey with piano, he now sings with three choirs (including the Pacific Youth Choir and Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree).  He loves the sense of community -and the vibrations- that choir… More

George Danzelaud

May 22, 2021

On Deck with George Danzelaud

17-year-old George Danzelaud is senior class president at Lake Oswego High School. He started piano when he was four years old, and picked up the violin soon after. In this episode of “On Deck,” George speaks with Raúl Gómez-Rojas about another one of his passions: graffiti art, as well as the importance of making mistakes, embracing failure and pushing your own limits…. More

May 15, 2021

On Deck with Leo Trajano

Amy Faust gets to know Leo Trajano, a 7th grader at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro whose passion for playing violin is only matched by his passion for piano. (Oh, and ping pong!) Leo plays with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and he competed last year in the Ten Grands piano competition. He practices about 4… More

Ted Ekstrand

May 8, 2021

On Deck with Ted Ekstrand

Ted Ekstrand was inspired to take up an instrument when his older brothers started learning violin and French horn, but Ted wanted something louder and brighter, so, naturally, he picked the trumpet. Currently, Ted plays with the ensembles at the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and the Portland Youth Philharmonic, and also loves performing with his school’s… More

Audrey Wallace

May 1, 2021

On Deck with Audrey Wallace

In this episode of “On Deck,” Christa Wessel chats with 16-year old violinist Audrey Wallace. Audrey, as a young girl, overcame her shyness to demand violin lessons; she is now a member of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony.  Audrey speaks about the highs and lows along the way: wanting to quit violin, but then rediscovering her… More

Macy Gong

April 24, 2021

On Deck with Macy Gong

In this episode of On Deck, Raúl Gómez-Rojas chats with flutist Macy Gong, a 15-year-old freshman at Oregon Episcopal School and a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic. Macy began studying the flute at the age of 6 and is now a student of Sydney Carlson. She has won many awards, including 2nd place in… More

Issa Okamoto

April 17, 2021

On Deck with Issa Okamoto

In this episode of “On Deck,” Amy Faust gets to know Issa Okamoto, a 17 year old coloratura soprano who serves as Executive Director of Portland Concert Opera. Issa arrived in Portland from New York City at age four with her mom and sisters, already possessing a voice so strong that her screams had caused… More

April 10, 2021

On Deck with Irie Page

Raúl Gómez-Rojas chats with Irie Page, a 17-year-old singer and actor with an already impressive résumé. Irie sang with Oregon Repertory Singers Youth Choir for 10 years and is now a Marian Singer at St. Mary’s Academy, where she is a junior. Additionally, Irie is a prolific young theatre performer: she is a “Young Professional”… More