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Each Saturday at 5 All Classical Portland celebrates what’s next in our community, with profiles of young musicians and explorations of musical opportunities for young people in the northwest.

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Rylan Ferron-Jones

November 21, 2020

On Deck with Rylan Ferron-Jones

In this episode of “On Deck,” Amy Faust speaks with Rylan Ferron-Jones, a violin player with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony who also plays with their ensemble the MYSfits. A senior at Lincoln High School, Rylan has a penchant for challenging pieces, one of which -Prima Vera Portena by Piazzolla- he performed in the small ensemble… More

Angela Rose Padula

November 14, 2020

On Deck with Angela Rose Padula

In this episode of On Deck, Raúl Gómez chats with 13-year-old Angela Rose Padula, a young cellist with an already impressive artistic résumé. Her latest accomplishment is to have been selected by Niel DePonte to perform at the 26th Young Artists Debut! Van Buren Concerto Concert on June 4, 2021. This concert, produced by COGNIZART… More

Nate Strothkamp

November 7, 2020

On Deck with Nate Strothkamp

In this episode of “On Deck,” Christa Wessel talks with violinist Nate Strothkamp, a 16-year old junior at Oregon Episcopal School. Nate recently won the Portland Youth Philharmonic’s Concerto Competition, which granted him the honor of playing the full Korngold Violin Concerto with PYP at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Nate is also involved in… More

Joshua Arce

October 31, 2020

On Deck with Joshua Arce

In this episode of “On Deck,” Amy Faust chats with flutist Joshua Arce. Born in Salem to parents who emigrated from Nicaragua, Joshua made it into the National Youth Orchestra just 4 years after picking up a flute for the first time. His passion for music led him to set a series of lofty goals… More

Abigail Kim

October 24, 2020

On Deck with Abigail Kim

16-year-old Abigail Kim started her musical journey on the piano and violin, but it didn’t take long for her to find her true voice in the oboe. She is now a member of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and Portland Youth Philharmonic, and is preparing for her Carnegie Hall debut in the summer of 2021. In… More

Joshua Hahn

October 17, 2020

On Deck with Joshua Hahn

Christa Wessel chats with 18-year old pianist Joshua Hahn, who earlier this year won a spot on the Young Artists Debut Concerto Concert presented by Cognizart by MetroArts Inc.  Joshua loves how music demands perseverance and dedication, and also how it can connect us to emotion and memory deep inside us.

Cole White

October 10, 2020

On Deck with Cole White

Cole White is a 15-year-old euphonium player whose musical adventures include playing with the BRAVO Community Orchestra and, most recently, joining two different bands in Portland. He credits BRAVO with helping him improve his musical skills and providing a place to make great friends. In this conversation with Raúl Gómez, Cole shares the story of… More

Kara Taylor

October 3, 2020

On Deck with Kara Taylor

A music lover since birth, Kara Taylor took up the piano at the ripe old age of 3 so that she could accompany her own singing. She has since added violin and saxophone to her repertoire, as well as the flute, which she currently plays with Metropolitan Youth Symphony. At 14, her vocal chops landed… More

Evan Nakanishi

September 26, 2020

On Deck with Evan Nakanishi

16-year-old Evan Nakanishi has a dream of being a professional percussionist in a symphony orchestra, and he is having a lot of fun along the way. In this episode of “On Deck,” Raúl Gómez speaks with this junior from Clackamas High School, who shares stories about making performance videos while in quarantine, wearing silly hats… More

Skye Neal

September 19, 2020

On Deck with Skye Neal

Christa Wessel chats with 10-year old Skye Neal, who has had a fascination with music from the time she was a toddler.  She plays violin and piano, sings with the Pacific Youth Choir, and at age 8 she began taking composition lessons.  Skye has been a part of Fear No Music’s “Young Composers Project” for… More